Systematic Theology

Mc 11Cyril O’Regan gives a lecture on faith and reason in a secular age at Newman University Church in Dublin, Ireland.

As “faith seeking understanding,” systematic theology explores the meaning, interrelatedness, and claims to truth of the Christian tradition's basic expressions of faith. The systematics faculty offers a series of seminars which focus on theological method, philosophical theology, and comparative theology, as well as the theological topics of trinity, Christology, ecclesiology, theological anthropology, eschatology, and Christian spirituality. Courses investigate the historical development of major doctrinal and theological themes and their contemporary interpretation from plural theological perspectives.

The program is designed to provide a broad background in the Christian tradition, with particular emphasis on the Catholic theological heritage. Through course work, focused in-depth study in preparation for candidacy examinations, and dissertation research, students develop the hermeneutical and theological skills required for a critical and creative appropriation of the tradition.

Students are encouraged to develop either a minor in one of the other areas of the department or an area of concentration which draws from the resources of several areas of the department and/or University.