Faith Seeking Understanding

The Department of Theology is at the heart of Notre Dame’s education in faith and reason. Guided by the ideal of “faith seeking understanding,” the faculty engage in critical reflection in six areas: moral theology, world religions and world church, history of Christianity, liturgy, biblical studies, and systematic theology.


University Requirements

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Notre Dame scholar of Dead Sea Scrolls elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Notre Dame theologian James VanderKam, a renowned scholar of the Dead Sea Scrolls, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, one of the nation’s oldest learned societies and independent policy research centers.

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Notre Dame receives nearly $1 million Lilly Endowment grant to help Department of Theology expand summer immersion and Spanish language programs for master’s degree students

The grant will support cultural immersion programs and Spanish proficiency courses for lay and seminarian students, as well as opportunities to meet with and learn from peers at other colleges.


Major in Theology

Encounter the great questions of life: What is truth? What is justice? What happens after death?

Apply for Graduate Programs

Apply for Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs offer Notre Dame’s distinctive combination of resources in teaching, research, the dynamic life of a supportive academic community, and a well-rounded, person-centered preparation for service to the Church and the Academy.