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The Master of Arts in Theology at Notre Dame forms faithful catholic leaders, preparing them to revitalize catholic education, catechesis, and culture.

The degree can be completed through a variety of experiences within our rigorous curriculum, all designed so you can continue working in a Church, School, or other workplace.

We invite you to consider joining our community of learners to investigate the intellectual riches of the catholic tradition, deepen your understanding of academic theology, and contemplate the beauty of our faith.


A Community of Learners

Our community of learners is composed of approximately 150 students from across the country and around the world. Together, student and professor seek to understand the history of the Church, the mysteries of the faith, biblical texts, matters of morality, the liturgy, doctrinal developments, spirituality, and the ways these modes of theological study intersect and apply to their world.

Students will find themselves engaged in theological discussion with teachers, catechists, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, firemen, ministers, liturgists, and artists, joining a vibrant community that complements and enriches their studies. 

Flexible Course of Study

The M.A. degree requires 36 credits for graduation. These credits can be earned in a variety of ways: on Notre Dame’s campus during the summers through three-week courses in residence or hybrid courses, online during the Spring and Fall semester, and biannual courses in Jerusalem and Israel. 

Accessible Graduate Degree

Because the M.A. Program exercises a non-competitive admissions process, we are not able to offer full tuition remission, but we do offer a greatly discounted tuition for all of our courses.

Compare the cost at $695 per credit hour with the regular graduate tuition cost per credit hour for the 2020-21 academic year, of $3,050 per credit hour as shown here. We welcome students from a variety of backgrounds and professions.

Campus and Online-Campus

Notre Dame’s campus is exceptionally beautiful, especially in the summers: walk the lakes, pray at the Grotto, attend Mass at the Basilica, study quietly amidst the library’s theology stacks or tucked into the cool shade of the sycamores on “God Quad.”

Students enjoy the many events offered for M.A. students, as well as all that South Bend has to offer.  Our instructors are much-acclaimed pedagogues. They work hard to extend the on-campus learning experience to students who also like to learn on-line.  Their creativity and generosity, paired with the technological platforms provided by the University make for excellent on-line courses.

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For more information on our M.A. Program, feel free to direct additional questions to Katie Cavadini, M.A. Program Director.

We hope to see you Under the Dome!

Catherine CavadiniKatie Cavadini M.A. Program Director