The Department of Theology represents the heart of the education in faith and reason that the University of Notre Dame strives to give to its students. Guided by the ideal of “faith seeking understanding,” its faculty conduct critical reflection in six areas: moral theology, history of Christianity, liturgy, biblical studiessystematic theology and world religion and world Church, in service to all students, the larger Church, the academy, and the broader public.

The Department of Theology...

Intellectual Rigor

Theology is a large and distinguished department at Notre Dame, with scholars known and respected around the world for their groundbreaking work in such areas as liberation theology and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Furthermore, teaching has always been one of the department’s strengths. Ph.D. students, together with their faculty mentors, engage in comprehensive teaching workshops to prepare them to teach in a variety of institutional settings. Undergraduate students work with faculty to explore a wide range of subjects, and master-level students prepare to integrate theological understanding into academic, ministerial, and/or other professional contexts.

A Nurturing Community

Students at Notre Dame cite the vibrant spiritual life on campus as a special reason they enjoy living and studying here during the academic year and summer months. The favorable student-teacher ratio brings scholars, graduate students, and/or undergraduate majors together for meaningful collaboration. Cohorts of graduate students worship, learn, and relax together.

Engagement with the Church and the World

The Department of Theology is keenly aware of its responsibility to serve as a role model for the campus community and beyond. Faculty and students participate in initiatives at the University, community, diocese, national, and international levels, creating a vibrant community of faith and an intellectual environment.