ABD Placements

Ciraulo, Jonathan
The Eucharistic Theology of Hans Urs Von Balthasar
Cyril O'Regan
Saint Meinrad Seminary & School of Theology, Assistant Professor

Clem, Stewart
Truth as a Virtue: A Thomistic Framework for the Ethics of Lying and Truthtelling
Jean Porter
Valparaiso University, Visiting Assistant Professor

Fitchette Climenhaga, Alison
Reconciling Charisma: Healing, Conflict, and Identity in Catholic Renewalist Movements in Western Uganda
Paul Kollman
Australian Catholic University, Research Fellow

Hahn, Michael
Augustine in the Teaching of Thomas: Aquinas's Reception and Use of Contra Faustum Manichaeum
Joseph Wawrykow
Christendom College, Assistant Professor

Schreiber, Sarah
The Use of Scripture in the Prologue and Jubilees 1
James VanderKam
Calvin Theological Seminary, Assistant Professor

Stefano, Troy
Trinity and History in Franz Anton Staudenmaier
Cyril O'Regan
St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, Assistant Professor

2018 Graduating Year

Aspesi, Cara
The Breviary of Lucca, Biblioteca Arcivesovile, Ms5: The Use of the Cathedral of Tyre
Margot Fassler
Visiting Scholar, University of Notre Dame

Dango, Rufino Enno
Rationalist Hermeneutics: A Study of Muhammad Asad's Translation and Commentary of the Qurʾān
Gabriel Reynolds
Catholic Theological Union, Teaching Fellow

DuBois, Heather
To Be More Fully Alive: John of the Cross and Judith Butler on Transformation of the Self
J. Matthew Ashley
Florida State University, Gannon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy

Guardado, Leo
Church as Sanctuary: A preferential option for the displaced and persecuted poor
M. Catherine Hilkert, Timothy Matovina
Fordham University, Assistant Professor of Theology

Haw, Chris
René Girard and Monotheism: the Refusal to Divinize Victims and the Mosaic Distinction
M. Catherine Hilkert, Cyril O'Regan
University of Scranton, Assistant Professor of Theology

Kincaid, Elisabeth
"In a Prudent Way and Without Rashness": Reclaiming Francisco Suarez's Theories of Legal Engagement
Jean Porter
Aquinas Institute of Theology, Assistant Professor

Ladd, Meleah
Liturgical Spirituality in the Kitchen: Glimpsing Domestic Churches Through Books with Recipes for Food
Michael Driscoll

Lee, Yongho (Francis)
Bonaventure and Chinul: Christian and Buddhist Models for Integration of the Intellectual and Spiritual Life
Robert Gimello
Franciscans School of Theology, Visiting Professor

Nkwocha, Levi
Muslim-Christian Dialogue of Life Via Hospitality: A Theology of Abraham Asymmetric-Mutual Substitutive Responsibility Applied in an African Context
Bradley Malkovsky
University of Notre Dame, Postdoctoral Fellow

Noble, Joshua
Common Property, The Golden Age, and Empire in Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-35
John Fitzgerald
Thomas Aquinas College, Assistant Professor

Petrin, Anna
The Egyptian Connection: Egyptian Elements in the Liturgy of Jerusalem
Maxwell Johnson
Wesley Theological Seminary, Assistant Professor and Chapel Elder

2017 Graduating Year

Buol, Justin
Bishop Martyrs: Authority and Suffering in the Second Century CE
Candida Moss
Bethel College, Adjunct Professor

Clemmons, Thomas
The Development of Augustine's Christology in the Early Antimanichaean Works
John Cavadini
Catholic University of America, Assistant Professor

Cuddeback, Lorraine
Liberation, Resistance, and Agency in Intellectual Disability: An Ethnographic Study for Christian Ethics
Todd Whitmore
Mount St. Mary's University, Assistant Professor

Drahos, Kristen
Dark Beauty: Toward a Catholic Theological Aesthetics
Cyril O'Regan
Carthage College, Postdoctoral Fellow (3 years)

Elliot, Katherine
Personal Transformation in the Theology of Liberating Vulnerability
Robert Krieg
Saint Mary's College, Adjunct Professor

Geist, Andrew
"He will repay him with good": The Relationship Between Wealth and Piety in Mesopotamia and Ancient Israel
Gary Anderson
Notre Dame Seminary (LA), Assistant Professor

Gerdon, Ian
Love in the Evagrian Tradition to Maximus the Confessor
Brian Daley
University of Notre Dame, Adjunct Professor

Hunter-Bowman, Janna
Agency Under Duress: A Political Theological Approach to Peacebuilding
Todd Whitmore, Gerald McKenny
Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Assistant Professor of Peace Studies and Christian Social Ethics

Kaltenbach, Jonathan
Christ the Priest in the Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas
Joseph Wawrykow
Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Director of Catechesis

Lambelet, Kyle
¡Presente! Political Theology at the Gates of Ft. Benning
Gerald McKenny
Emory University, Louisville Postdoctoral Fellow, Candler School of Theology

Lee, Brian Yong
"Members of Christ" Reevaluating the Significance of Stoic Lanuage and the Unity of Paul's Argument in 1 Corinthians
John Fitzgerald and Gregory Sterling
Sacred Heart Seminary & School of Theology, Assistant Professor

Mahon, Kate
"Teach us to pray": The Lord's Prayer in the Sixteenth-Century Re-Ritualizations of Christian Formation
Maxwell Johnson
University of Notre Dame, First Year Studies

Ondrako, Edward
"Rebuild my Church": Peter Damian Fehlner's Appropriation and Development of the Ecclesiology and Mariology of Vatican II
Cyril O'Regan
University of Notre Dame, Visiting Scholar at the McGrath Institute for Church Life

Petrin, Michael
Saved by the God Above Every Name: Salvation in the Theology of Gregory of Nyssa
Brian Daley

Pidel, Aaron
The Ecclesiology of Erich Przywara, S.J.
John Betz
Marquette University, Assistant Professor

Vela, Horacio
The Inner Human Being: The Transformation of a Platonic Metaphor in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity
John Fitzgerald and Gregory Sterling
University of Incarnate Word, Assistant Professor

2016 Graduating Year

Anibueze, Mary
Eucharistic Communion and Rituals of Communion in Igbo Culture: An Integrative Study of Liturgy, Faith, and Culture
David Fagerberg
Berea College, Lecturer

DeJong, David
A Prophet Like Moses: Prophecy and Canon in Early Judaism and Christianity
James VanderKam
St. Louis University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Gaetano, Stephen
Fides Quae Per Charitatem Operatur: A Study and Translation of Domingo De Soto's De Natura Et Gratia
Joseph Wawrykow
Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School, Teacher

Gardner, Patrick
It is Modern Pentecost: Henri de Lubac on Atheism and the Spiritual Posterity of Joachim of Fiore
Cyril O'Regan
Christopher Newport University, Assistant Professor

Ghormley, Justus
Inspired Scribes: The Formation of the Book of Jeremiah and the Vocation of Ancient Jewish Scribal Scholars
James VanderKam and Eugene Ulrich
Valparaiso University, Visiting Assistant Professor

Giambrone, Anthony, O.P.
"The one who did mercy": Sacramental Charity, Creditor Christology, and the Economy of Salvation in Luke's Gospel
Gary Anderson
Dominican House of Studies (DC), Assistant Professor

Khalil, Joseph
What has Ur of the Chaldeans to do with Sinai? The Abrahamic and Sinaitic Covenants in Second Temple Biblical and Extra-Biblical Texts
James VanderKam

Klein, Elizabeth
Augustine on Angels
John Cavadini
Augustine Institute, Assistant Professor

Kuiper, Matthew
Indian Muslims, Other Religions and the Modern Resurgence of Da‘wa: The Tablīghī Jamā‘at and Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation
Gabriel Reynolds
Missouri State University, Assistant Professor

Longanga, Emery
Interpreting a Christian Classic in an African Context: Pluralism and Inculturation in Light of David Tracy and Leonard Santedi
David Clairmont and John Cavadini
St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Parochial Vicar

McCarthy, Sheila
Healing the Body of Christ: Liturgy, Trauma, and the Works of Mercy
Ann Astell and Nathan Mitchell
Holy Cross College, Adjunct Instructor

Murphy, Austin
The Bible as Inspired, Authoritative, and True According to Saint Augustine
John Cavadini and Brian Daley
St. Procopius Abbey, Abbot

Pagliarini, Anthony
A Memory of Future Israel: Ezekiel 40-48 and the Potential for Warranted Reception
Gary Anderson
University of Notre Dame, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies 

Trotter, Jonathan
The Jerusalem Temple in the Thought and Practice of Diaspora Jews During the Second Temple Period
James VanderKam
Lewis University, Adjunct Instructor

Vera, Luis
Tablets of Flesh: Memory, Media, and the Perfection of the Image in Digital Societies
Jean Porter
Mount St. Mary's University, Assistant Professor

2015 Graduating Year

Abdelsayed, John Paul
Our Great Archpriest: St. Cyril of Alexandria's Approach to the Priesthood of Christ
Brian Daley
Coptic Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii, Auxiliary Bishop

Abril, Michael Anthony
The Beginning of the End: Original Sin and Apocalypse in View of Karl Rahner and Rene Girard
Cyril O'Regan
Aquinas Institute of Theology, Assistant Professor

Antus, Elizabeth
The Doors of the Soul: A Critical Augustinian Account of Self-Love
M. Catherine Hilkert
Boston College, Assistant Professor

Carmona, Victor
Neither Slave nor Free: A Critique of U.S. Immigration Policy in LIght of the Work of David Hollenbach, Gustavo Gutierrez, and Thomas Aquinas
Todd Whitmore
University of San Diego, Assistant Professor

Carpenter, Angela
Sanctified Children: Natural Moral Formation and Sanctification in Reformed Theology
Gerald McKenny
Hope College, Assistant Professor

Castillo, Daniel
Foundations for an Ecological Theology of Liberation: Gustavo Gutiérrez's Concept of Integral Liberation, Political Ecology, and Salvation
Matthew Ashley
Loyola Maryland University, Assistant Professor

Dunkel, Brian, S.J.
Nocturna Lux Viantibus: The Methods, Meaning, and Mystagogy of Ambrosian Hymnody
Brian Daley
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, Assistant Professor

Francis, Michael
Borderline Bad: Philo of Alexandria on the Distinction Between Voluntary and Involuntary Sin
Gary Anderson and Gregory Sterling
John Brown University, Assistant Professor

Hamilton, Brian
Pauperes Christi: Voluntary Poverty as Political Practice
Jean Porter
Florida Southern College, Assistant Professor

Komline, Han-luen
From Division to Delight: Augustine and the Will
Brian Daley
Western Theological Seminary, Assistant Professor

Lee, Joungeun (June)
Aquinas's Anger and the Han-full Anger: Thomistic Virtuous Anger with the Case of the Han-full Anger in South Korean Context
Maura Ryan

McCabe, Kevin
Capacities and Capax Dei: Theological Anthropology and Intellectual Disability
Cyril O'Regan
Seton Hall University, Teaching Fellow

Morgan, Jeffrey
Singular Self-Awareness with the Searcher of Hearts: Conscience in the Thought of Kant, Kierkegaard, and Bart
Gerald McKenny
Villanova University, Multi-Year Postdoctoral Fellow

Peterson, Brandon
"Being salvation": A Reinterpretation of Rahner's Christ as Savior
Robert Krieg
University of Utah, Lecturer

Raczka, Gary Philip
The Lectionary at the Time of Saint John Chrysostom
Maxwell Johnson
The Diocese of Newton for the Melkite Catholics in the USA, Cathedral Rector

Rambau, Fr. Leonce F., CSSp
Paul and his Co-Workers: Equality in Pauline Letters
David Aune
Jordan University College (Morogoro, Tanzania), A Constituent College of Saint Augustine University of Tanzania, Lecturer in Sacred Scriptures

Sehorn, John
Origen of Alexandria's Homilies 1-14 on Ezekiel: Translation and Commentary
John Cavadini
The Augustine Institute, Assistant Professor

Wales, Jordan
Sacrifice in the Theology of Gregory the Great
John Cavadini
Hillsdale College, Assistant Professor

2014 Graduating Year

Battin, Steven
Intercommunal Ecclesiology: Re-Envisioning the Church as God's Response to Intergroup Disunity
Cyril O'Regan
University of Notre Dame, Assistant Professor

Boesenberg, Dulcinea
Moses in Luke-Acts
Mary Rose D'Angelo
Creighton University, Assistant Professor

Bruning, Brandon
The Making of the Mishkan: The Old Greek Text of Exodus 35-40 and the Literary History of the Pentateuch
Eugene Ulrich

DeLorenzo, Leonard
Those Who Hear will Live: A Theological Explication of the Communion of Saints
Cyril O'Regan
University of Notre Dame, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Director for ND Vision

Downing, Andrew
The Problem and Promise of History in the Theology
Cyril O'Regan
Pontifical Gregorian University, Lecturer

Dru, Josephine
In Light and Shadow of Multiple Wholes: How Theodore of Mopsuestia and Jerome of Stridon Read Joel Among the Twelve as Scripture
Gary Anderson
Museum of the Bible, Curator

Elliott, David
Rethinking Happiness: The Role of Hope in Virtue Ethics
Jean Porter
Catholic University of America, Assistant Professor

Emerson Hernandez, Marco
The Seeds of Creation and New Creation: St. Thomas Aquinas and his Predecessors on the Generative Principles of Natural and Supernatural Life
Joseph Wawrykow
Thomas Aquinas College, Assistant Professor

Enemali, Mark
The Danger of Transgression Against Divine Presence: The Case of the Ark Narrative (1 Samuel 4:1B-7:1; 2 Samuel 6)
Gary Anderson
Spiritan International School of Theology, Assistant Professor

Feder, Julia
A Mystical-Political Theology of Posttraumatic Healing: Teresa of Avila, Edward Schillebeeckx, and Contemporary Trauma Theory
M. Catherine Hilkert
Creighton University, Assistant Professor

Griffin, Michael
The Politics of Penance: Proposing an Ethic for Social Repair
Todd Whitmore
Holy Cross College, Senior Vice President and Professor

McGraw, Damon
Apocalyptic Thought in John Henry Newman: Discerning Antichrist in Modernity
Cyril O'Regan
The Academy of the Holy Cross, IB and Theology Instructor

Mukasa Makonga, Edoth
"Give me understanding that I may learn your commandments" (Ps 118:34.73.144) The Grace of the Law: A Study of Augustine's Enarratio in Psalmum 118
Brian Daley
Middlebury Language School, VT, German School Coordinator

Scherz, Paul
Technology and Subjectivity in the Thought of Alasdair Macintyre and Michel Foucault
Gerald McKenny
Catholic University of America, Assistant Professor

Wang, Zueying
Gregory of Nyssa on the Corporate Nature of the Human Body
Brian Daley
Loyola University of Chicago, Instructor

2013 Graduating Year

Cho, Jaechon
Philoromaios-Herod Agrippa II in Josephus and the Acts of Apostles
Gregory Sterling
Torch Trinity Graduate University, Assistant Professor

Cover, Michael
Lifting the Veil: 2 Cor 3:7-4:6 in Light of Jewish Homiletic and Commentary Traditions
Gregory Sterling
Marquette University, Assistant Professor

Haley, Kevin
The Reinterpretation of the Psalms of the Individual in Judaism and Christianity
Gary Anderson

Hirschfeld, Mary
Virtuous Consumption in a Dynamic Economy: A Thomistic Engagement with Neoclassical Economic
Jean Porter
Villanova University, Assistant Professor

Hoden, Mary
A Visible Manifestation of the Invisible: The Relationship of the Architecture of Salisbury Cathedral and the Liturgy of the Sarum Use
Michael Driscoll
University of St. Thomas, Senior Adjunct Professor

Horsting, Albertus
S.Prosperi Ex Sententiis S. Augustini Epigrammatum Liber Unus. A Study of Prosper of Aquitaine’s Poetical Synthesis of Augustinian Theology Accompanied by a New Edition, Translation, and Commentary of the Liber Epigrammatum
John Cavadini and Hildegund Muller

Kneip, David
The Spirit, the Bible, and the Church: Neglected Aspects of Cyril of Alexandria's Pneumatology
Brian Daley
Abilene Christian University, Instructor

Marx, Nathaniel
Via Sacra: The Latin Mass and Personal Formation
Nathan Mitchell
Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology, Assistant Professor

Mata, Monica Sara
Myth and Mystery: Augustine's First Commentary on Genesis 1-2:3
John Cavadini

Prevot, Andrew
Thinking Prayer: Meditations on Theology, Doxology, and Praxis
Cyril O'Regan
Boston College, Assistant Professor

Wickes, Jeffrey
Out of Books, A World: The Scriptural Poetics of Ephrem's Hymns of Faith
Joseph Amar
St. Louis University, Assistant Professor