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The Master of Divinity program at the University of Notre Dame prepares professional ministers for service in the Roman Catholic Church.

The program forms leaders who are grounded in the Catholic tradition, faithful to the Church’s witness to Jesus Christ, pastorally skillful, and wise.

Committed to both lay and ordained ministry from early in its history, the program provides a comprehensive formation process for both of these distinct but complementary vocations.

Renowned Curriculum

Situated in a world-class Department of Theology and a Catholic Research University with a truly global reach, the Master of Divinity Program complements the highest quality academic coursework with a multi-faceted program in field education with diverse opportunities for ministry and in-depth preparation in theological reflection, as well as a program in human and spiritual formation with both individual and communal dimensions.

Financial Support

All lay students in the Master of Divinity Program receive a full tuition scholarship and modest stipend for all three years in the program. This financial assistance, valued at over $175,000 over three years, enables students to immerse themselves in outstanding academic classes, to participate in diverse and collaborative formation communities involving both seminarians and lay students, to work at ministerial internships in the surrounding community, and to take part in the life of one of the world's great universities. 

Formation Together 

Since those training for lay ecclesial ministry and ordained ministry experience the majority of their academic and pastoral formation together, they become practiced in the kind of collaboration required in today’s Church.

All students in the Master of Divinity Program receive a full tuition scholarship for three years, and are also able to take advantage of many resources and opportunities in the broader Graduate School and University communities.

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Img 8613 2 Grace CarrollGrace Carroll '20, Master of Divinity program

"Without sacrificing academic rigor and intellectual exploration, the focus is on personal formation of each and every student.

Through one-on-one formation meetings, spiritual direction, community check-ins, and formation plans that include values inventories, personal disciplines, and goal setting, the program is rich in opportunities to discover who you are, how you came to be here, and how you are being called to grow in holiness."