Q: How do the faculty and committee weigh the various aspects of my application, i.e., GRE scores, GPA and transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statement?

A: The core of the application is the profile created by the statement of intent, any transcripts submitted, and the letters of recommendation. You should, therefore, draft your statement and choose your recommenders with care, so that we have the most clear and vivid sense of what kind of student you would be in our program. You may have up to four letters of recommendation. The letters should speak to your ability to work in theology at the masters’ level.

Q: What are you looking for in the Statement of Intent?

A: Your statement of intent should be no more than two double-spaced typewritten pages. In it, you should give us a clear and vivid understanding of how you came to be interested in the study of theology, why you want to pursue it at the graduate level and why you want to pursue the M.A. (Theology) degree at Notre Dame (in contrast to any other school). A successful statement of intent will make the case that you clearly fit in the M.A. program at Notre Dame, and that you will both benefit from study here, and will make a positive contribution to the program.

Q: How many credits will transfer from another Theology degree?

A: 9 credits can transfer from a completed degree, 5 years old or less. 6 credits can be transferred from an incomplete degree, 5 years old or less. Please contact Professor Katie Cavadini with questions. 

Q: I am an international student, not a citizen of the United States. Is there anything I need to do if I am accepted to the M.A. Program?

A: International students need to apply for a visa to come to this country to study. Please visit the International Student and Scholar Affairs website for further information. 

Q: Is the MA in Theology Degree good preparation for the Ph.D. program or to teach theology at the graduate level?

A: No. Our MTS Program would be better suited for this track. 

Q: I would like information regarding on-campus graduate student housing. Whom should I contact?

A: All inquiries should be directed to the Student Housing Office, as our program does not handle housing. (574) 631-5878