Q: Statement of intent vs autobiographical statement?

A: • The autobiographical statement must be written according to a from specified by the MDiv admissions committee. This statement should include a description of a personal vocation to ministry confirmed by experience and the confirmation of mentors and peers.
• The statement of intent should offer a broad description as to why the applicant would like to pursue ministerial formation now and why at the University of Notre Dame. Also, how the academic, pastoral, human and/or spiritual formation offered will assist them in realizing their ministerial intentions.

Q: Where do Graduate Students live?

A: With a wide assortment of affordable housing options available in the area, MDiv student readily find the type of housing that meets their personal needs on and off campus.The Office of Student Housing has on-campus housing for single, married and students with children.

Q: I have a family. How feasible is doing an MDiv at Notre Dame?

A: The MDiv program has a number of married students, some with young children. While some flexibility is required on the part of the family, students with families have been able to thrive in our program and feel welcome. The inclusion of families in the program enriches the formation experiences of all students. In many ways, Notre Dame is an ideal place for parents to pursue an MDiv degree.

Q: Is health insurance available?

A: Students are required to have health insurance whether they utilize the insurance offered by the University or their own outside plan. There is a full service health center located on campus available to graduate student families and St. Liam's Hall which is the full service student health center.