Academic Formation

Our curriculum ensures a comprehensive and rigorous preparation for ministry that still allows individuals to explore their own interests and develop their own strengths.

The Program of studies leading to the Master of Divinity degree encompases a minimum of 92 semester credits and normally extends over six semesters and one summer.  

These are the basic requirements, which follow a Suggested Sequence:


  • Historical Studies - 6 credits
  • Biblical Studies - 12 credits
  • Systematic Theology - 15 credits
  • Christian Ethics - 6 credits
  • Liturgy - 6 credits
  • Canon Law - 3 credits
  • Field Education - 15 credits
  • Pastoral Studies - 14 credits
  • Electives - 6 credits
  • Synthesis Seminar - 3 credits
  • Human & Spiritual Formation- 6 credits 

Our curriculum is supplemented by the wide range of additional learning experiences that students can have by virtue of their enrollment as graduate students at the University of Notre Dame. The experiences include guest lecturers, conferences, opportunities for involvement in the spiritual life of the campus, and opportunities for engagement in the social, cultural, and community life on- and off-campus.

"My classroom experience in the MDiv has been even better than as an undergrad at Notre Dame.  The courses are challenging and geared towards our needs as students preparing for ministry, and the professors have been so accessible and generous with their time."
- Ben Wilson, '13 (pictured above right)


If you have questions about the MDiv Program, please contact us at 574.631.4256, or email us at