Past Seminars

Blue Quran

IQSA Corona Qur’an Seminars on Zoom (#IQSAZoom)

Connecting Qur'an Scholars 

Hosted by Gabriel Said Reynolds

All talks have been uploaded to YouTube (here)

April 9, Hythem Sidky, "Codex Damascensis and the Evolution of the Syrian Reading Tradition." 

April 16, Gabriel Said Reynolds, “Perish the Human! On Sinfulness and Satan in the Qur’an”

April 23, Johanna Pink, "The Qur’an in Javanese. Scripture, Teaching and Translation"

April 30 Sarra Tlili, “Ecology of Wonder: the Ecological Dimensions of Three Qur’anic Motifs”

May 7 Sean Anthony, “The Surprising Christology of the Annunciation Scene in Q. Maryam 19:16-21”

May 14, Ahmad al-Jallad, "Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions and Qur'anic orthographies " 

May 21, Robert Hoyland, " 'Arabi and A'jami in the Qur'an: The Language of Revelation in Muhammad's Hijaz" 

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