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WRWC Past Seminars:

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Ways of Perfection and Devout Lives: Saintliness across Traditions on Zoom 

Mother Of Tenderness Schurz

Hosted by Gabriel Said Reynolds

Videos of past Saintliness Seminar sessions have been uploaded to YouTube here

September 4- Saintliness Across Traditions

Tzvi Novick, Notre Dame, "Saintliness in Rabbinic Literature: Two Types"
Paulinus Odozor, Notre Dame, “Ancestors and Saints: an Ongoing Discussion in African Theology”
Diane Stinton, Regent College, “Universal Sister … A Model of Virtue and Holiness”: Dynamics of Spirituality Illuminated in St. Josephine Bakhita (1869–1947)" 

September 11- Saintly Individuals

Bradley Malkovsky, Notre Dame, "Many Hindu Paths to Holiness: God-Realization in Sri Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi"
Ann Astell, Notre Dame, "Saint Therese of Lisieux in the Communion of the Saints"
Catherine Cornille, Boston College, "Meister Eckhart across Traditions"

September 18-Saintliness in Islam 

Martino Diez, Catholic University of Milan, "Milestones of Saintliness in Islam: A Journey in Four Stages"
Reyhan Durmaz, University of Pennsylvania, "St. Anthony of Egypt between Christianity and Islam"
Mun'im Sirry, Notre Dame, “The Ascetic Jesus in Early Islam: Defining Piety in the Kitab al-Zuhd Genre”

September 25-Saintliness in Islam 

Gabriel Said Reynolds, Notre Dame, "Repentance and the Path to Saintliness in the Thought of Ibn Qudama"
Nayla Tabbara, Adyan (Beirut), “Walaya between Its Ontological and Its Existential Understanding”
Mourad Takawi, Incarnate Word, “Blood, Ink, and Tears: Remembering the Lives of Proto-Sunnī Ascetics”

October 2- Friendship/Dialogue

Special Video Message from His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan

Minlib Dallh, Oxford, “The Sanctity of Saints: the Hanbali al-Ansari and the Friar de Beaurecueil”
John Cavadini, Notre Dame, “Dialogue and Admiration”
Renee Hattar, Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies, “Muslim-Christian Relations: a Middle Eastern Perspective”

October 9- Communities 

Kathleen Cummings, Notre Dame, "American Afterlives: Historicizing Catholic Holiness in the United States"
Leonard DeLorenzo, Notre Dame, “Sanctity and Sacrifice: The Cost of Christian Witness”
Alison Fitchett-Climenhaga, Australian Catholic University, "Making Saints in the Colonies: Communicating Heroic Holiness to Canonize the Uganda Martyrs"

October 16- China

Rob Gimello, Notre Dame, "Abbot, Visionary, and Meditation Master: The Manifold Sanctity of the Holy Monk Jietuo"
Xueying Wang, Loyola University Chicago, “Chinese Literati on Ancestral Rites in the Chinese Rites Controversy: the Example of Yan Mo"
Rui Zhang, East China Normal University, “Mandarin or Christian? Wang Zheng: A story of Conversion in the Ming Dynasty (1571-1644)”

October 23- Icons and Holiness

R. Trent Pomplun, Notre Dame, "Saintliness, Images, and Meditation in Tibetan Buddhism" 
Federico Aguirre Romero, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, “The Icon as Testimony and Way of Saintliness”
Paul Kollman, Notre Dame, "Missionaries as Martyrs: English Catholics within an Iconic Tradition"

October 30- Dialogue and the Other

Rocio Cortés Rodríguez, Notre Dame, “How Scriptural Reasoning Responds to the Cry of the Poor”
Patricia Idoko, Notre Dame, “Christian and Muslim Representation in Nigerian High Schools: The Role of Religious Textbooks and Curriculum”
Lailatul Fitriyah, Notre Dame,  “Weekend Theologies’: Divine Communion, Divine Justice, and Selfhood Among Indonesian Female Migrant Workers in Singapore”

IQSA Corona Qur’an Seminars on Zoom (#IQSAZoom) 

Blue Quran

Connecting Qur'an Scholars 

Hosted by Gabriel Said Reynolds

All talks have been uploaded to YouTube (here)

April 9, Hythem Sidky, "Codex Damascensis and the Evolution of the Syrian Reading Tradition." 

April 16, Gabriel Said Reynolds, “Perish the Human! On Sinfulness and Satan in the Qur’an”

April 23, Johanna Pink, "The Qur’an in Javanese. Scripture, Teaching and Translation"

April 30 Sarra Tlili, “Ecology of Wonder: the Ecological Dimensions of Three Qur’anic Motifs”

May 7 Sean Anthony, “The Surprising Christology of the Annunciation Scene in Q. Maryam 19:16-21”

May 14, Ahmad al-Jallad, "Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions and Qur'anic orthographies " 

May 21, Robert Hoyland, " 'Arabi and A'jami in the Qur'an: The Language of Revelation in Muhammad's Hijaz" 

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