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Culture and Context

Ecumenism and Preaching

Evangelization and Mission

History and Preaching

Homiletics, general

Homiletic Education

Preaching and Catholic Social Teaching

Preaching and Doctrine/Catechesis

Preaching and Liturgy/Spirituality/Prayer


Culture and Context


Sr. Ann Astell and Danielle Peters “Spiritualities of Lay Witness in the World”


Archbishop Robert Carlson  "The Challenges Ahead for Catholic Preaching in the 21st Century"


Catholic Association of Teachers of Homiletics (CATH) Panel  "Issues in Preaching Today"


Fr. Kenneth Davis, O.F.M. Conv. "Becoming a Cross Cultural Preacher" (bilingual)


Fr. Allan Figueroa Deck, S.J. "Intercultural Competency and the Sunday Homily"


Fr. Edward Foley, O.F.M. Cap. "Preaching with the Sciences" 


Fr. David Garcia "Accompaniment and Storytelling: The Pulpit in the Hispanic Community of the United States" 


Fr. David Garcia "Pandemic Preaching: The Pulpit in a Year Like No Other"


Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller  "We Preach a Living Word"


Dr. Ann Garrido "Preaching with Children"


Fr. Thomas Gaughan  "Preaching on a College/University Campus"

Fr. Joseph Juknialis  "Preaching Hope in a Post-Modern Age"


Dr. Timothy Matovina  “Hispanic Lay Movements in the Postconciliar Church”


Dr. Susan McGurgan and Dr. Deborah Organ "Mighty Words from Creative Spaces: Historical and Contemporary Proclamation of Catholic Women"


Fr. Maurice Nutt, C.Ss.R. "African American Contributions to our American Catholic Preaching Challenge"


Dr. Deborah Organ "Speaking the 'Grief inside our Bones': Preaching and Trauma"


Dr. Deborah Organ  "Proclaiming the Word in Difficult Places: Insights and Practices"


Dr. Hosffman Ospino "Evangelizing Latinamente: Insights and Questions from the Latino Half of the Church in the U.S."


Curtis Martin "Made for Mission: Evangelizing Young Adults"


Fr. Peter McCormick, C.S.C. "Preaching for Youth Today: 'If You're Not Real, I'm Not Coming' ''


Sr. Jamie Phelps, O.P. "Contextual Preaching in an Intercultural Society"


Fr. Jorge Presmanes, O.P. "Predicación como Inculturación" (Español)


Fr. Ken Schmidt, "Preaching and Trauma" 


Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas “Keepin’ It Real: Preaching, Jay-Z and Hip Hop Poetics”


Fr. Oliver Williams, C.S.C. “Baptismal Witness in the World of Commerce”



Ecumenism and Preaching


Fr. John Crossin, O.S.F.S.  "Ecumenical and Interreligious Sensitivity in Preaching"


Rev. Dr. Maxwell E. Johnson  “Ecumenical Renewal of Baptismal Spirituality”


Bishop Craig Satterlee "Fulfilled in Your Hearing as an Ecumenical Contribution and Opportunity"



Evangelization and Mission


Fr. Arthur Baranowski  "Forming Parishioners to Become “Hearers of the Word” Before They Come on Sunday"

Bishop Robert Barron  "The New Evangelization and the New Media" 

Dr. Karla Bellinger  "Liturgical Preaching and Evangelization"


Bishop Christopher J. Coyne  "Preaching and the New Evangelization"


Fr. Stephen Bevans, S.V.D. “From ‘Missons’ to ‘Mission’: Trinity, Globalization, and Baptismal Witness”


Dr. Michael Downey  “The Vocation of the Lay Theologian as Baptismal Witness”


Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B. "Preaching the Resurrection: the Central Content of New Evangelization"


Fr. Virgilio Elizondo  "La Virgen de Guadalupe: Icon for the New Evangelization"


Dr. Zeni Fox “Lay Ecclesial Ministry as One Flowering of Baptismal Witness”


Dr. Elizabeth Groppe “The One Spirit of Christ and a Broad Ecclesial Culture of Witness”


Sr. M. Catherine Hilkert O.P., Elizabeth Donnelly, Jude Siciliano O.P., Flora Tang, Panel: "Go and Preach to All Nations: Online Preaching and Virtual Communities of Faith" 


Dr. Joseph Paprocki  "Preaching that Changes Lives"


Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. "Preaching: Conversation in Friendship"


Sr. Theresa Rickard, O.P.  "Preaching for the New Evangelization: Warming Hearts and Awakening Faith"


Fr. Michael Schaab, "Homiletics in the Evangelizing Parish"

Fr. Jude Siciliano, O.P. "Preaching with Evangelical Dynamism"


Jason Simon and Faye Darnell "Evangelical Catholics"


Fr. Donald Senior, C.P. “Preaching the Mystery of Faith”


Dr. Christian Smith "Whom Are We Evangelizing?"


Cardinal Joseph Tobin “Intensifying the Apostolic Activity of God’s People”


Sr. Honora Werner, O.P.  "Forming Preachers for the New Evangelization"


Cardinal Donald Wuerl  "Preaching, Teaching and the New Evangelization"



History and Preaching


Dr. Kimberly Baker  "Preaching as Spiritual Formation: Augustine as a Guide"


Fr. Brian Daley, SJ  "Speaking with "the Art of Arts": Preaching as Skilled Leadership in the Early Church"


Fr. Guerric DeBona, O.S.B. "Recovering Our Voice: Reflections on American Catholic Preaching before the Second Vatican Council"


Fr. Edward J. Griswold "Pre-Conciliar Preaching in the USA"


Fr. Greg Heille, O.P.  "The Preaching of Pope Francis"


Bishop Craig Satterlee  "Seeing with Eyes of Faith: The Mystagogy of Ambrose of Milan"

Homiletics, general


Dr. Karla Bellinger  "Ten Ways to Make it Stick: The Importance of Connection for Preaching"

Fr. Michael Connors, C.S.C. "To What Effect? Qualities of Effective Catholic Preaching and How to Get There"

Fr. Guerric DeBona, O.S.B.  "Seven Steps for Effective Preaching"

Rev. Dr. Richard Eslinger  "Plotting a Path for People to Follow"

Fr. Edward Foley, OFM Cap.  "The Storytelling Animal: Preaching and the Sciences"

Dr. Ann Garrido "Does It Resound? Creating Homilies that Both Echo Forth and are Received at the Other End"

Fr. Edward J. Griswold  "Focus and Function: Kindling the Fire"

Fr. Greg Heille, O.P.  "The Preaching of Pope Francis"


Dr. Susan McGurgan  "When We Remember Zion: Preaching, Memory, and Hope"


Rev. Dr. Alyce McKenzie  "Making a Scene in the Pulpit: Vivid Preaching for Visual Listeners"


Dr. Suzanne Nawrocki  If "Our Hearts are on Fire," What are Our Bodies Doing?


Fr. Jeff Nicolas and Dr. Sharon Schuhmann  "Igniting the Flame of Intentional Listeners: How to Set Ablaze the Preaching Encounter by Transforming Your Assembly Into Intentional Listeners"


Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I. "Preaching In The Mother Tongue - Calming the Deep Fires inside our Listeners"


Bishop Craig Satterlee  "Where is Jesus When You Preach?"


Fr. Thomas Scirghi, SJ “Preaching: Telling the Faithful What They Want to Say

John "Jack" Shea  "Telling Stories, Making Points"

Deacon David Shea  "Entertain or Else! The Preacher as Performer in Attending to Augustine’s ‘Delight’"


Dr. Richard Stern  "Fired Up or Burned Out?"


Fr. James Wallace, C.Ss.R. "Preaching as Imagining a Re-Newed World"

Dr. Deborah Wilhelm "Murder Your Darlings": How to Edit Your Words for Effective Preaching"

Fr. Michael Connors, C.S.C. "Ars Adnuntiatio/ The Art of Preaching: To What Effect? Effective Catholic Preaching." 


Homiletic Education


Msgr. Steve Bosso, "The Importance of Preaching in a Theological Curriculum"


Ann Garrido, "Ignatian Approaches to Preaching Preparation" 


Msgr. Richard Henning  "Teaching Homiletics in Seminaries Using New Technology"


Deacon Joseph Michalak "Teaching Homiletics in Permanent Diaconate Formation Programs"


Dr. Susan McGurgan, Deacon Dr. Frank Agnoli, Deacon Mel Tardy, Deacon Guillermo Torres  Panel: "Challenges and Opportunities in Diaconal Preaching"


Dr. Timothy O'Malley “Savoring the Mystery: The Formation of Undergraduates in Preaching”


Sr. Honora Werner, O.P.  "Forming Preachers for the New Evangelization"


Preaching and Catholic Social Teaching


Msgr. Arturo Bañuelas  "La Palabra se hace carne desde el vestido de los pobres" (Español) 


John L. Carr  "Sharing 'Good News' in Tough Times: Directions and Dangers for Preaching in a Wounded Church and Divided Nation"


Frs. Joseph Corpora, C.S.C., Bill Wack, C.S.C., Ron Raab, C.S.C.  Panel of Holy Cross Priests, "Preaching among the Poor"


Fr. David Garcia  "Bilingual Preaching and Catholic Social Teaching"


Jack Jezreel “A Baptismal Faith that Does Justice”


Ian Mitchell "Catholic Social Mission and the Sunday Homily"


Ana Maria Pineda, RSM  "Romero and the Word"

Fr. Ron Raab, CSC  "Bending toward the Light: Our Posture of Solidarity through Preaching"



Preaching and Doctrine/Catechesis


Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B. "Catechesis and Doctrine in Liturgical Preaching"

Dr. John Cavadini and Fr. Thomas Weinandy, O.F.M. Cap. "Doctrine and the Sunday Homily"


Dr. John Cavadini "Preaching and Catechesis: Mending the Rift between Scripture and Doctrine"


Dr. Ann Garrido  "I Want to See: Nurturing a Spirituality of Truth from the Pulpit"

Fr. Donald Senior, C.P. “Preaching the Mystery of Faith”


Preaching and Liturgy/Spirituality/Prayer


Sr. Ann Astell and Danielle Peters “Spiritualities of Lay Witness in the World”

Dr. Fred and Patricia Baumer "Spirituality: Preaching's Catalyst"

Dr. Kimberly Belcher  "When All Heaven Breaks Loose: Realizing Eschatology in Worship and Preaching"

Dr. Karla Bellinger  “Fire in the Bones: The Mysticism of the Homiletic Encounter

Dr. Karla Bellinger  "The Holy Spirit and Listener Receptivity: Preaching that Soaks in like Good Butter on Warm Toast"

Fr. Michael Connors, CSC  "Preaching for Discipleship in the RCIA"


Fr. Guerric DeBona, O.S.B. "New Directions in Funeral and Wedding Homilies: The Preacher as the Minister of Hospitality in the Kingdom of God."


Rita Ferrone, "Receiving the Sunday of the Word of God" 


Dr. Ann Garrido  "I Want to See: Nurturing a Spirituality of Truth from the Pulpit"


Rev. Serge Halvorsen  "Iconic Biblical Preaching: Homily as Sacred Image"


Msgr. Rick Hilgartner  "Preaching the Mystery of Faith: Funerals and Weddings"

Rev. Dr. Maxwell E. Johnson  “Ecumenical Renewal of Baptismal Spirituality”


Fr. J. Michael Joncas  "Preaching and Singing God's Word: A Ministerial Partnership"


Fr. J. Michael Joncas  "Preaching from and for the Liturgy"


Fr. J. Michael Joncas, "Music and Preaching" 


Fr. Paul Janowiak, SJ  " 'That I might know how to answer the weary a word that will rouse them' (Is. 50.4): Preaching from the Inside Out”

Fr. Paul A Janowiak, S.J. "Meeting a Laboring World" From Idol Chatter to Holy Preaching"


Layla Karst, Sara Fairbanks O.P., Oscar Castellanos, Panel: Lay Preaching: "I Have Seen the Lord: The Challenge and Promise of Lay Liturgical Preaching" 


Deacon James Keating, PhD "Contemplative Homiletics: Being Carried into Reality"


Deacon James Keating, Sermon from Isaiah 62 "Go to the Poor"


Deacon James Keating  The Mystery of Love, Beauty and Death: The Homily that is Prayer


Fr. Ron Knott  Claiming the Pulpit for Spiritual Leadership and Personal Sanctification


Megan McKenna  Navigating Mystery


Susan McGurgan "Sing to the Lord with Grateful Praise: Gratitude, Preaching, and Hope"


Fr. Benjamin Roberts, "Preaching as the Bridegroom: A Model for Pastors" 


Kerry Robinson “Exhortations of Beauty and Meaning: The Role of Preaching in Spiritual Leadership


Bishop Sylvester Ryan  "Emmaus Revisited: Hearts Aflame through the Convergence of the Word Proclaimed and the Eucharist Celebrated"


Bishop Craig Satterlee  Evening Prayer Reflection: "Chosen, Gifted, Sent"


Fr. Paul Turner "Preaching and the Rites of Initiation"


Scripture - General        


Gary Anderson, "Preaching from the Whole Bible" 


Karla Bellinger, "Keepin' It Fresh: How to Creatively (and Faithfully) Connect Scripture and Ordinary Life"


Fr. Michael Connors, CSC, Bishop Greg Kelly, Susan McGurgan, and Fr. Mike Kueber, Closing Panel 2022


Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B. "New Perspectives on Preaching from Verbum Domini"


Sr. Catherine Hilkert, O.P. "Feasting at the Table of the Word: From Dei Verbum to Verbum Domini"


Sr. Catherine Hilkert, O.P. and Fr. Jude Siciliano, O.P. "Preaching the Psalms" 


Robert Krieg, "The Cross: Five Homiletic Approaches" 


Tom Long, "Explaining, Exclaiming, and Proclaiming: Reclaiming the Parabolic Imagination for Preaching" 


Megan McKenna  Navigating Mystery


Fr. John P. Meier Homily for Mass at the 2019 Marten Lecture


Fr. John P. Meier "Preaching at Mass: the Practice and Theory of One Elder Presbyter"


(The Rev. Canon) Hugh Page, "The Bible as Medium for Healing: Preachers as 21st Century Scriptural Apothecaries" 


Sr. Theresa Rickard, O.P. "Fulfilled in Your Hearing's Challenge to Interpret Life in the Light of the Word"


Fr. Donald Senior, C.P. "The Word of God: Source and Power of Preaching"


Fr. Donald Senior, C.P. "Preaching the Incarnate Word" 


Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence “Come Back When You've Found Something True: Reading and Rehearsing the Script in the Scripture”



Scripture - Old Testament


Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas Sermon on Lamentations 3:19-24: “Did Heaven Make a Mistake?”


Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence, Sermon on Exodus 1:8-14, 22, 2:1-10 "The Girls in the Reeds"



Scripture - New Testament


Fr. Juan Alfaro "Predicando los evangelios: San Marcos" (Espanol) 

Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B. "Preaching the Resurrection: the Central Content of New Evangelization"


Dr. John Fitzgerald "The Preacher as Time Traveler"


Dr. Ann Garrido  Evening Prayer reflection