Marten Lectures

Each year the Marten Program sponsors two lectures in preaching for the benefit of current Master of Divinity students and others.


February 2023- Fr. David Garcia, San Antonio, TX. (Video Links: Homily at Mass; Lecture, "Accompaniment and Storytelling: The Pulpit in the Hispanic Community of the United States")

October 2022- Fr. Ed Foley, Capuchin, Our F22 Marten Visiting Faculty Fellow in preaching. (Video Links: Homily at Mass; Lecture, "Preaching with the Sciences" )

February 2022 - John Fitzgerald, Professor, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN (Video Links: Sermon at Evening Prayer; Lecture, "The Preacher as Time Traveler")

October 2021 - Msgr. Steve Bosso, Faculty member, Saint Vincent de Paul Seminary, Boynton Beach, FL. (Video links: Homily at Mass; Lecture, "The Importance of Preaching in a Theological Curriculum")

October 2020 - Dr. Susan Fleming McGurgan, Director of the Lay Ecclesial Formation, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, Mount St. Mary's School of Theology (Video Links: Evening Prayer; Lecture "Sing to the Lord with Grateful Praise: Gratitude, Preaching, and Hope"). 

February 2020 - John L. Carr, Director of the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, Georgetown University (Video Links: Evening Prayer Reflection; Lecture, "Sharing 'Good News' in Tough Times: Directions and Dangers for Preaching in a Wounded Church and Divided Nation")

October 2019 - Bishop Craig Satterlee, Bishop of the North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (Video links: Evening Prayer Reflection; Lecture, "Where is Jesus When You Preach?")

February 2019 - Fr. John P. Meier, William K. Warren Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN (Video links: Homily; Lecture, "Preaching at Mass: the Practice and Theory of One Elder Presbyter")

November 2018 - Ann Garrido, DMin  (Video links: Evening Prayer reflection; Lecture, "I Want to See: Nurturing a Spirituality of Truth from the Pulpit" )

February 2018 - Deacon James Keating, PhD, Director of Theological Formation at the Institute for Priestly Formation, Omaha, NE (Video links: Homily;  Lecture,  "Contemplative Homiletics: Being Carried into Reality")

October 2017 - Fr. Edward J. Griswold, Henry J. and Marion I. Knott Professor of Homiletics and Vice-Rector, St. Mary's Seminary and University, Baltimore, MD (Video link: "Pre-Conciliar Preaching in the USA")

February 2017 - Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence, Peter Marshall Professor of Preaching, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA (Video links: Sermon on Exodus 1:8-14, 22, 2:1-10, "The Girls in the Reeds"; Lecture, “Come Back When You've Found Something True: Reading and Rehearsing the Script in the Scripture”)

September 2016 - Deborah Organ, DMin (Video link: "Speaking the 'Grief inside our Bones': Preaching and Trauma"

February 2016 - Fr. Paul A Janowiak, S.J. (Video link: "Meeting a Laboring World" From Idol Chatter to Holy Preaching")

October 2015 - Fr. Guerric DeBona, OSB, (Video Link: Lecture: "Recovering Our Voice: Reflections on American Catholic Preaching before the Second Vatican Council")

February 2015 -  Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas (Video links: Sermon on Lamentations 3:19-24: “Did Heaven Make a Mistake?”Lecture: “Keepin’ It Real: Preaching, Jay-Z and Hip Hop Poetics”)

2014 -  Sr. Theresa Rickard, O.P. (Video links: Sr. Terry's homily at Evening Prayer, Sr. Terry's lecture, "Preaching for the New Evangelization: Warming Hearts and Awakening Faith")

2013 - Fr. J. Michael Joncas  (Video links:  homilylecture: "Preaching and Singing God's Word: A Ministerial Partnership")

2012 - Tom Long - “Preaching Has a Nervous Breakdown: Moving from Storytelling to Wisdom in American Sermons”

2011 - Luke Timothy Johnson - “Preaching as Theological Act: Discerning God’s Word”

2010 - Fr. Ray Kemp - “Preaching Kingdom Justice”

2009 - M. Catherine Hilkert, O.P. -  “‘Not in Word Alone’: Preaching in the Power of the Spirit”

2008 - Barbara Reid, O.P. - “Taking up the Cross”

2007 - John Cavadini, PhD -  “Patristic Exegesis and Preaching Today”

2006 - Eugene Ulrich - "Preaching and the Old Testament"

2005 - Fr. John Pawlikowski, O.S.M. - “Preaching the Christian Scriptures in Light of Nostra Aetate

2004 - Dianne Bergant, O.S.A. - “Preaching Lent, Cycle C”

2003 - Hugh Page - “Making Homiletics Poetic: Reclaiming an Ancient Medium for Prophetic Preaching in a New Millennium”

2002 - Fr. John Donahue, S.J. - “To Preach as Jesus: Parable and Proclamation”

2001 - Fr. Walter Burghardt, S.J. - “Preaching Biblical Justice” (also the inaugural lecturer, 11/1984)

2000 - Walter Brueggeman - “Preaching as a Subversive Act”

1999 - Gerard Sloyan - “Preaching the Easter Mystery”