2019 Conference

Mystic and Mystagogue: Preaching as Spiritual Leadership

Marten Ad To Half

June 24–26, 2019

Thank you for coming to the 2019 Notre Dame Preaching Conference! There was much enthusiasm and energy about the spiritual dimensions of preaching. When the videos of the keynotes and the workshops become available, they will be posted in the Resources section of this Marten webpage, sorted by date of conference, name of presenter and topic. If you are looking for more input about preaching, please check out the Resources section for videos from past conferences - there is a wealth of preaching material there.

The theme for our 2019 conference was that a Catholic preacher is to be a shepherd and a spiritual leader. The key question in preaching is: how do we lead our people deeper into an encounter with the living God? In this conference, we looked to our roots in the Catholic spiritual tradition as a source for deepening our preaching. Together we discussed what makes preaching thrive: how can a preacher flourish as a spiritual leader? How can we lead others into committed discipleship through preaching?

The preacher must be in some sense a mystic, one who is filled with the Lord’s gracious presence and can overflow so as to lead others into that Presence. Because we are a sacramental people, the preacher must also be a mystagogue; one who can both lead the community’s ritual celebrations, and help the People of God to plunge into them with lively faith, and through them touch the holy realities behind them. We had much to ponder in our days together. Hopefully, these conversations can continue to enrich Catholic preaching.


Video Resources from the 2019 Conference


Keynote Speakers 

Fr. Michael Connors, CSC - Welcome and Introduction to Preaching as Spiritual Leadership

Kerry Robinson - Exhortations of Beauty and Meaning: The Role of Preaching in Spiritual Leadership

Fr. Brian Daley, SJ - Speaking with "the Art of Arts": Preaching as Skilled Leadership in the Early Church

Deacon James Keating - The Mystery of Love, Beauty and Death: The Homily that is Prayer

Megan McKenna - Navigating Mystery


Dr. Kimberly Baker - Preaching as Spiritual Formation: Augustine as a Guide

Fr. Arthur Baranowski - Forming Parishioners to Become “Hearers of the Word” Before They Come on Sunday

Dr. Kimberly Belcher - When All Heaven Breaks Loose: Realizing Eschatology in Worship and Preaching

Dr. Karla Bellinger - Fire in the Bones: The Mysticism of the Homiletic Encounter

Fr. Michael Connors, CSC - Preaching for Discipleship in the RCIA

Fr. Edward Foley, OFM Cap. - The Storytelling Animal: Preaching and the Sciences

Rev. Serge Halvorsen - Iconic Biblical Preaching: Homily as Sacred Image

Fr. Paul Janowiak, SJ - That I might know how to answer the weary a word that will rouse them” (Is. 50.4): Preaching from the Inside Out”

Fr. Ron Knott - Claiming the Pulpit for Spiritual Leadership and Personal Sanctification

Dr. Susan McGurgan - When We Remember Zion: Preaching, Memory, and Hope

Dr. Deborah Organ - Proclaiming the Word in Difficult Places: Insights and Practices

Dr. Joseph Paprocki - Preaching that Changes Lives

Ana Maria Pineda, RSM - Romero and the Word

Fr. Ron Raab, CSC - Bending toward the Light: Our Posture of Solidarity through Preaching

Bishop Craig Satterlee - Seeing with Eyes of Faith: The Mystagogy of Ambrose of Milan

Fr. Thomas Scirghi, SJ - Preaching: Telling the Faithful What They Want to Say

Deacon David Shea - Preaching Feedback that Matters: Transforming Pious Platitudes into Powerful Preaching

Fr. Paul Turner - Preaching as Pastoring

Sr. Catherine Vincie, RSHM - The Mystagogical Preacher as Community Spiritual Director

Fr. Michael Woroniewicz - Mystagogical Preaching throughout the Liturgical Year: How and When