2017 Preaching Conference

“To Set the Earth on Fire”: Effective Catholic Preaching
July 24–26, 2017


The Notre Dame 2017 Preaching Conference addressed the practical side of Catholic preaching: What is preaching effectiveness? How do we do it? What is the difference between satisfactory preaching and really good preaching? If the intended effect of our preaching is to bring people into an encounter with God, how do we do that? Preachers came from all over the United States and Canada to re-energize their preaching, inspire and learn from fellow preachers.


Keynote addresses and workshops can be viewed by clicking the links below:


Keynote Speakers


Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I. - "Preaching In The Mother Tongue - Calming the Deep Fires inside our Listeners"

Dr. Ann Garrido - "Does It Resound? Creating Homilies that Both Echo Forth and are Received at the Other End"

Fr. Michael Connors, C.S.C. - "To What Effect? Qualities of Effective Catholic Preaching and How to Get There"

Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P. - "Preaching As Playwriting"




Bishop Sylvester Ryan - Emmaus Revisited: Hearts Aflame through the Convergence of the Word Proclaimed and the Eucharist Celebrated 

Dr. Karla Bellinger - The Holy Spirit and Listener Receptivity: Preaching that Soaks in like Good Butter on Warm Toast

Dr. Richard Stern - Fired Up or Burned Out?

John "Jack" Shea - Telling Stories, Making Points

Rev. Dr. Alyce McKenzie - Making a Scene in the Pulpit: Vivid Preaching for Visual Listeners

Fr. Guerric DeBona - Seven Steps for Effective Preaching

Dr. Deborah Wilhelm - "Murder Your Darlings": How to Edit Your Words for Effective Preaching

Fr. Peter McCormick, C.S.C. - Preaching for Youth Today: "If You're Not Real, I'm Not Coming"

Dr. Suzanne Nawrocki - If "Our Hearts are on Fire," What are Our Bodies Doing?

Fr. Joseph Juknialis - Preaching Hope in a Post-Modern Age

Dr. Fred and Patricia Baumer - Spirituality: Preaching's Catalyst

Deacon David Shea - Entertain or Else! The Preacher as Performer in Attending to Augustine’s ‘Delight’ 

Rev. Dr. Richard Eslinger - Plotting a Path for People to Follow

Fr. Jeff Nicolas and Dr. Sharon Schuhmann - Igniting the Flame of Intentional Listeners: How to Set Ablaze the Preaching Encounter by Transforming Your Assembly Into Intentional Listeners.

Fr. Edward Griswold - Focus and Function: Kindling the Fire