2012: We Preach Christ Crucified: A Conference on Catholic Preaching

"We Preach Christ Crucified: A Conference on Catholic Preaching" was held at the University of Notre Dame, June 25-27, 2012.


Alfaro, Fr. Juan, "Predicando los evangelios: San Marcos" (Espanol)


Bañuelas, Msgr. Arturo, "La Palabra se hace carne desde el vestido de los pobres" (Español)


Barron, Fr. Robert, "The New Evangelization and the New Media"


Carlson, Archbishop Robert, "The Challenges Ahead for Catholic Preaching in the 21st Century"


CATH Panel, "Issues in Preaching Today"


Cavadini, John, "Preaching and Catechesis: Mending the Rift between Scripture and Doctrine"


Davis, O.F.M. Conv., Fr. Kenneth, "Becoming a Cross Cultural Preacher" (bilingual)


DeBona, O.S.B., Fr. Guerric, "New Directions in Funeral and Wedding Homilies: The Preacher as the Minister of Hospitality in the Kingdom of God."


Driscoll, O.S.B., Fr. Jeremy, "New Perspectives on Preaching from Verbum Domini"


Garcia-Siller, Archbishop Gustavo, "We Preach a Living Word"


Garrido, D.Min., Ann M., "Preaching with Children"


Gaughan, C.S.C., Fr. Thomas, "Preaching on a College/University Campus"


Hilkert, O.P., M. Catherine, "Feasting at the Table of the Word: From Dei Verbum to Verbum Domini"


Holy Cross Priests, "Preaching among the Poor"


Joncas, Fr. Jan Michael, "Preaching from and for the Liturgy"


Nutt, Fr. Maurice, "African American Contributions to our American Catholic Preaching Challenge"


Presmanes, O.P., Fr. Jorge, "Predicación como Inculturación" (Español)


Ramirez, Bishop Ricardo, Homily


Reid, O.P., Barbara, "Preaching the Cross of Christ"


Rhoades, Bishop Kevin, Homily


Rickard, O.P., Theresa, "Fulfilled in Your Hearing's Challenge to Interpret Life in the Light of the Word"


Satterlee, Craig, "Fulfilled in Your Hearing as an Ecumenical Contribution and Opportunity"


Wallace, C.Ss.R., James A., "Preaching as Imagining a Re-Newed World"