Every semester Theology majors take advantage a wide array of international opportunities. The amount and variety of options might surprise you.

But it’s not just the quantity of the programs – it’s the quality. Once abroad, Theology majors go further than studying in a different country or in a different language. They immerse themselves in the local culture.

They tackle service projects, internships, research, extracurricular activities, and field trips, all of which open their eyes to new cultures, new faiths, and new mindsets.


A pilgrimage is more than a vacation. It is a trip with a purpose. More than just a "getaway," a pilgrimage presents an opportunity to get closer to God and to visit a traditionally significant site. We go on pilgrimages with prayer and community to refresh our spirits and deepen our faith. 

The Notre Dame Office of Campus Ministry offers many opportunities for students to experience a pilgrimage during their time as undergraduates.

Global Gateways

Notre Dame’s Global Network is more than launching pads for our faculty and students. The five global gateways and six global centers allow for rich collaborations with local universities, research centers, governments, churches, and grassroots organizations.

These hubs afford our students opportunities to open their minds and hearts to new cultures, and take the first step toward becoming true global citizens.

University Requirement

Students should keep in mind that only one of the two university requirements in theology may be taken away from Notre Dame’s campus (whether domestic or abroad). One further course can be taken away from Notre Dame’s campus and counted towards the minor; two further courses can be taken away from Notre Dame’s campus and counted towards the major; four further courses can be taken away from Notre Dame’s campus and counted towards the joint major. 

Requests for approval of a new course to meet a university requirement, or to count as a theology elective (THEO 4xxxx), should be made with the Department. Contact Assistant DUS Professor Anthony Pagliarini.

Thomas DoranThomas Doran '19, Theology Major

I have been able to integrate my interests in inter-religious dialogue and human migration into my work as a Theology major.

I've traveled from the U.S./Mexico Border to refugee camps in Austria to better understand the plight of migrants and refugees in our world then write theological reflections on these experiences.

I've also been able live with an Italian family in Rome and take a course in Christian/Islamic relations at the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies as part of the major.