The Theology Club aims to create an opportunity for students to engage in intellectual and spiritual reflection on God and theological topics so as to grow in faith. 

This group is led from a Catholic perspective, but students need not be of any particular faith tradition to join. Students from all majors and colleges are welcome. The club hosts a number of events throughout the course of the academic year, including guided art discussions at the Snite Museum, movie watches, lectures from Theology Department professors, and much more.

In addition, it sponsors the all-new Zossima Project, a commission created to write and publish articles on liturgical theology in such publications as the Irish Rover and the Observer. For more information or to be added to our email list, please email

Majors Advisory Council

The Majors Advisory Council (MAC) is comprised of current Theology majors and minors who have been chosen based on their engagement with the program to serve as an advisory board for faculty and staff regarding the direction of the undergraduate program.

2020-2021 MAC Members

Elizabeth 200x269

My name is Elizabeth, and I am a senior double majoring in ACMS and Theology. I live in Evansville, IN but consider my hometown to be Huntsville, AL where I attended middle and high school. Though I started as a Biology pre-med student, I decided to explore Theology after much discernment and several major changes. I am grateful to have finally found my passion and hope to pursue it further in graduate school to become a Theology professor. I hope that my time serving in MAC will be an opportunity for fruitful conversations and experiences rooted in Christ!


Pierce Lewin

“My name is Pierce Lewin. I’m a philosophy and theology major from Rockville Centre, NY and proud resident of Dunne Hall. For my part, I can think of no better occupation than studying theology. Between the evangelists, mystics, Church fathers, and laymen, there exists an interplay that is, by turns, careful and defiantly indelicate. Tracing such tradition through the centuries, juxtaposed with moments of absolute clarity, is profoundly rewarding work. It is such work that I hope to encourage during my time on the MAC.”



MAC members are also great sources of information for current students who may have questions about academic direction, extracurricular activities, and general college life.  If you have questions or suggestions about the major, courses, etc., feel free to contact us at