Student Opportunities


Theology students take advantage of the opportunity to explore life's fundamental questions, search for solutions to challenges facing today's world, and contribute to a greater scholarly conversation. 

As undergraduates, students are invited to enroll in research apprenticeships, conduct research projects, and write a senior honors thesis. 

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Theology majors take advantage a wide array of international opportunities to gain global perspective by immersing themselves in new cultures, new faiths, and new mindsets. 

They tackle service projects, internships, research, extracurricular activities, and field studies. 

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Student Clubs and Organizations 

The Theology Club aims to create an opportunity for students to engage in intellectual and spiritual reflection on God and theological topics so as to grow in faith. 

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Globally Engaged Citizens

Notre Dame’s Globally Engaged Citizens program rewards the learning and experiences you are already engaging in — and will stand out on your resume and show employers and graduate schools that you’re prepared to be a global citizen.

Students in any college or school can earn the certificate by taking two classes and participating in cultural activities on and off campus. You may already be well on your way to meeting the requirements. 

Earn your Globally Engaged Citizens Certificate