The Minor in Theology forms a great complement to almost any area of study. Composed entirely of electives, students are able to construct any course of study they wish. It is the most manageable of any minor, as it consists of only four classes beyond the university requirements.

Theology Minor (12 credits):

  • Elective Courses:
    • elective #1 (Theo 2xxxx or higher)     
    • elective #2 (Theo 2xxxx or higher)
    • elective #3 (Theo 2xxxx or higher)
    • elective #4 (Theo 2xxxx or higher)
  • One elective may be satisfied by an ancient language class (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, etc.)

For those with a particular interest in either liturgical music or Catholic Social Teaching, the department offers two additional tracks: 

Liturgical Music Ministry Minor (15 credits):

  • Practicum 
    • 1 credit of voice, organ or piano lessons, offered through the Department of Music
    • 1 credit of participation in a liturgical choir in the Basilica
    • 1 additional credit from either of the above options
  • Music
    • "Music Theory" (Mus 10090, 20001)
    • elective music course related to liturgy (e.g. Mus 10150 "Music of the Catholic Rite")
  • Theology
    • elective theology course in liturgical theology and history (e.g. Theo 20401 "Church and Worship")
    • elective theology course in sacramental theology (e.g. Theo 40403 "Catholic Sacraments")

Catholic Social Tradition Minor (15 credits):

  • Required Courses 
    • Catholic Social Tradition core course (CST 33001 or an approved substitute)
    • Three 1-credit courses
    • Senior Capstone course
  • Elective Courses
    • Two 3-credit CST electives
  • * Full details are available on the CST Minor webpage