Conferences, Seminars & Special Events

Upcoming Conferences, Seminars & Special Events

Feeling Teaching, Teaching Feeling: Affect and Pedagogy between God and Humans: The Florovsky Tantur Symposium at Notre Dame, Oct. 4-5, 2024

Recent Conferences, Seminars & Special Events

Spirit of Scholarship, December 12–14, 2022

Fourth Annual Liss Lecture in Judaica, November 7, 2022

Divine Personhood and Personality: The Florovsky Tantur Symposium at the University of Notre Dame, Oct. 7–8, 2022

Converging Wisdom? Questioning the Continued Relevance of the Perennial Philosophy, Oct. 2-4, 2022

Living in the Light of the Word: Enlivening the Scriptural Imagination for Preaching, June 20-22, 2022

Strangers and Neighbors: Hostility and Hospitality in Late Medieval/Early Modern European Contexts Conference, May 20-22, 2022

Colloquy XLI of the American Weil Society — Translations of Beauty: Simone Weil and Literature, March 17–19, 2022

Purity and Pollution in Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Societies and Thought from Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages, March, 7–9, 2022

Accountability, Healing, and Trust: Conversations in Theology, Psychology, and Law for the Life of the Church, March 3–5, 2022

Third Annual Liss Lecture in Judaica, November 3, 2021

Black Catholic Theological Symposium, October 7–9, 2021

Ways of Perfection and Devout Lives: Saintliness Across Traditions, September 26-28, 2021

Deification through the Cross: An Ecumenical Symposium on Christian Salvation, September 24–25, 2021

The Creed Project Workshop, July 19–21, 2021

Art, Desire, and God: Phenomenological Perspectives Conference, October 2-3, 2020

Cusanus Today: Prospects for Philosophy, Theology, and Mysticism, September 19–21, 2019

Mystic and Mystagogue: Preaching as Spiritual Leadership, June 24–26, 2019