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Prophets, Priests, and Promises

Gary N. Knoppers

Brill, 2021

Preaching as Spiritual Leadership Guiding the Faithful as Mystic and Mystagogue

Edited by Michael E. Connors, CSC

Liturgy Training Publications, 2021

Gift to the Church and World

Edited by John Cavadini & Donald Wallenfang

Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2021

Liturgical Dogmatics

David W. Fagerberg

Ignatius Press, 2021

The Narrative Shape of Emotion in the Preaching of John Chrysostom

Blake Leyerle

University of California Press, 2020

The Figure of Jesus in History and Theology: Essays in Honor of John Meier

Edited by Vincent Skemp and Kelley Coblentz Bautch

Catholic Biblical Association, 2020

Human Perfection in Byzantine Theology

Alexis Torrance

Oxford University Press, 2020