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Bartolomé de las Casas and the Defense of Amerindian Rights

Edited by David M. Lantigua and Lawrence A. Clayton

The University of Alabama Press, 2020

Eucharist and Receptive Ecumenism

Kimberly Hope Belcher

Cambridge University Press, 2020

Bog nie jest mily (Polish Edition)

Ulrich L. Lehner

w drodze, 2020

Religious Ethics: Meaning and Method

David Clairmont & Wiliam Schweiker

Wiley-Blackwell, 2020

Allah God in the Qur'an

Gabriel Said Reynolds

Yale University Press, 2020

Infidels and Empires in a New World Order

David M. Lantigua

Cambridge University Press, 2020

A God Who Questions

Leonard J. DeLorenzo

Our Sunday Visitor, 2019

Saving Fear

Edited by Ann W. Astell

Notre Dame Press, 2019

Liturgical Mysticism

David W. Fagerberg

Emmaus Academic, 2019