Florovsky Tantur Symposium at Notre Dame

Feeling Teaching, Teaching Feeling: Affect and Pedagogy between God and Humans

Oct. 4-5, 2024
University of Notre Dame

Icon of christ the teacher on a weathered scroll

Following the tradition of the original Florovsky Symposia at Princeton University, the Florovsky Tantur Symposia at Notre Dame seek to honor the legacy of the Orthodox theologian, Fr. Georges Florovsky, by providing a forum wherein adherents of different Christian traditions can explore core theological themes with reference to the shared theological witness of the first millennium.

The 2024 symposium—titled "Teaching Feeling, Feeling Teaching: Affect and Pedagogy Between God and Humans"—takes up questions of affect and emotion as they arise in theological study. Theology has often been conceived, at least in its academic forms, as an exercise in the transmission of content. Yet, in the humanities broadly there has been in recent decades a turn to the crucially productive role of affect and emotion in learning. This symposium seeks to engage these questions of affect and learning in the history of theology. We welcome reflections on the theological and the social aspects of this inquiry.

Theologically, how did questions of divine affectivity—of God's emotional life—develop? How has the prospect of divine emotion been understood philosophically, theologically, homiletically, or narratively? How can we correlate biblical language about divine emotion with doctrinal assertions of divine impassibility?

Socially, how have Christian catechists sought to use affect and emotion in their conveyance of theological teaching? To what extent has orthodoxy been conceived as a mode of affective disposition? To what extent can emotions be theologized? How do these questions break down according to genre, gender, geography, and chronological location? How do the ideas of early and late antique Christians reframe our contemporary reflections on these issues?

The 2024 Florovsky Symposium will feature keynote lectures by Natalie Carnes, Andrew Davis, Sarah Gador-Whyte, Dawn Lavalle, Michael Magree, SJ, and Jeff Wickes. These will be joined to panels featuring 20-minute, conference-style papers by graduate students.

We are no longer accepting submissions for graduate-student panels for the upcoming Florovsky Symposium. Thank you to all who submitted an abstract. We hope to promptly review your submissions!

Travel and accommodations

General inquiries about the Symposium may be directed to John Kegley (jkegley@nd.edu).

Sponsored by Tantur Ecumenical Institute & Notre Dame's Department of Theology