Confronting cultural change: Divinity students seek intercultural competency to improve ministry

Author: Office of Brand Content

2023 Confronting Cultural Change 1200

Students in Notre Dame’s Master of Divinity program cited a visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe as the emotional highlight of their pilgrimage to Mexico City.

Seminarian Johnny Ryan, C.S.C., said getting to experience Mary’s maternal love for everyone was more powerful than he expected even though he was familiar with the story of Mary’s appearance before Juan Diego in a vision in 1531. He brought back prayer cards with the iconic image that thrilled his Latino students at Saint Adalbert elementary in South Bend.

Juan Miguel Alvarez said his wife and classmates were overwhelmed–often to the point of tears–at the opportunity to bring their praises and sufferings to the holy site. He discerned a powerful lesson that we often don’t know the pain other people carry in their lives.

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Originally published by Office of Strategic Content at on April 17, 2023.