Senior Thesis Projects 2021

Author: Margaret McVeigh

Congratulations to our senior theology majors and minors who completed Senior Thesis projects!

Emileigh Evans- "She-Said, We-Said: Marian Apparitions and Their Societal Implications"

Robert Hernandez- "Stoic Motifs in the Active Night of St. John of the Cross"

Jacob Gorman- "Catholicism in the Postmodern Condition: John Paul II and Jean-Francois Lyotard"

Pierce Lewin- "A Sincere Confession"

Heather Christman- "A Chestertonian Pedagogy: Enchantment in Catholic Education"

Edwin Donnelly- "The Rites of Christian Initiation in the Didache Communities"

Noah Passinault- "Approaching Problems in Scriptural Interpretation Through Origen of Alexandria’s Homilies on Joshua"

Karli Siefker- "Creaturely Communion: A Liberationist Lens on Creation Theology"

Seung Yi- "An Ecumenical Ethic of Immigration in the U.S."


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