Multiple Reformations? The Many Faces and Legacies of the Reformation | Edited by Jan Stievermann & Randall C Zachman

Author: Margaret McVeigh


The essays in this volume grew from select contributions presented at the colloquies in Rome, Heidelberg, and Notre Dame between 2016 and 2017, that addressed our historical understanding of the Reformation and its relationship to modernity.

The three colloquies represented in this volume engaged three major questions:

a) How do we interpret and assess the Reformation as a historical and theological event, as a historiographic category, and as a cultural myth from the perspective of different disciplines and confessional traditions?

b) What are the long-term global legacies of the Reformation as manifest in the development of distinct Christian world religions and competing confessional cultures, producing different types of modernities?

c) Finally, the colloquia addressed the challenging question regarding how the Reformation should be commemorated (or can be celebrated) from an ecumenical perspective today.

Published by Mohr Siebeck.