Lecture: ​The Disarmament of the Heart: Reconciliation after the LRA Conflict


Location: C103 Hesburgh Center for International Studies

Emmanuel Aliba Kiiz
a, ​
National Executive Secretary of the Justice and Peace Department
Catholic Bishops of Uganda
2015 Kroc Institute-Catholic Relief Services Fellow

The conflict with the Lord’s Resistance Army is one of many in Uganda that has left wounds and divisions that need healing and reconciliation. An authentic national reconciliation agenda for Uganda requires a national disarmament of the heart, starting with leaders at multiple levels and in various sectors. Aliba Kiiza is developing a national reconciliation program, led by Uganda’s Catholic bishops, that will contribute to this healing and reconciliation.

Kiiza, the 2015 Catholic Relief Services-Kroc Institute Fellow, is the National Executive Secretary of the Justice and Peace Department in the Caritas, Justice and Peace Commission of the Uganda Episcopal Conference. He also is the former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bunyoro Kitara in Western Uganda. He has been instrumental in resolving land, tribal, and religious conflicts in Uganda. As a participant in the Juba peace talks, he is one of few people who have met with Joseph Kony and the LRA’s high command in their jungle hideout. 
Presented by the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies