THEO Club Quodlibetal Question Session with Prof. Brian Daley


Location: 131 DeBartolo

In the Middle Ages, universities required potential professors to submit to a “Quodlibetal Question” before obtaining their professorship. This Quodlibetal Question, posed by the candidate’s colleagues at the university, was essentially a long and difficult questioning period that could cover anything within the candidate’s field of study, and required the candidate to draw from their studies and knowledge all from memory in order to respond at length.

The THEO Club will host a “Quodlibetal Question” Session with Prof. Brian Daley, Thursday, April 10 @ 7:00pm in 131 DeBartolo. The evening will consist of a brief summary and explanation of Father Daley’s work and experience as a professor of theology. Faculty and students in attendance will then have the opportunity to pose questions to Fr. Daley related to Biblical studies, Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity, Pope Francis and the papacy, and any other topic relevant to Father Daley’s particular areas of expertise.\

The Theology Club will also be raffling off copies of Father Daley’s Gregory of Nanzianzus and Peter W. Martens’ In the Shadow of the Incarnation: Essays on Jesus Christ in the Early Church in Honor of Brian E. Daley, S.J. Attendees can purchase raffle tickets for just $1 each, and both books will be signed and addressed personally to the recipients.