Cheron Price


Administrative Assistant for Ph.D. Program and M.T.S. Program
Phone: 574-631-4254

Cheron provides administrative support to the department, focusing on the Ph.D. and the Master of Theological Studies programs, the director of graduate studies and the director of the Master of Theological Studies, faculty administrators of specific areas of the Ph.D. and M.T.S. programs, and the teaching committee.

Patti Guzowski


Staff Assistant
Phone: 574-631-7811

Patti manages the front desk of the department's main office. She provides administrative support to staff and faculty.

Emily Hammock Mosby


Undergraduate and Special Projects Coordinator
Phone: 574-631-5732

Emily oversees communications, web design and marketing for the department. She works with faculty, visitors and staff to plan events and arrange travel. Emily also assists the director of undergraduate studies to promote a vibrant undergraduate program.

Hermalena Powell


M.Div/M.A. Programs Administrative Assistant
Phone: 574-631-4256

Hermalena provides administrative support to the department, focusing on the M.Div and M.A. programs. Hermalena also assists faculty and students with registration and travel reimbursement.

Melody Kesler


Department Administrator
Phone: 574-631-9225

Melody provides oversight for all administrative operations of theology department. She oversees the department’s budget, faculty appointment process, and physical spaces.