Mary Hirschfeld

Mary Hirschfeld

Associate Professor

Primary Field of Study: Moral Theology/Christian Ethics


Ph.D. Moral Theology, University of Notre Dame (2013): Ph.D. Economics, Harvard University (1989)

Research and Training Interests

Economics and theology

Selected Publications

Aquinas and the Market: Toward a Humane Economy (Harvard University Press, 2018)

“Rethinking Economic Inequality: A Theological Perspective,” Journal of Religious Ethics, 42(2) (June 2019): 259-282.

“Reflection on the Financial Crisis: Aquinas on the Proper Role of Finance,” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, 35(1) (Spring-Summer 2015): 63-82.

“What is the Technocratic Paradigm and Must Business Be Structured By It?,” chapter in Business Ethics and Catholic Social Thought, Daniel K. Finn (ed.) (Georgetown University Press, May 2021): 93-113.

“What Theology Should and Should Not Learn from the Social Sciences About the Common Good,” in Empirical Foundations of the Common Good: What Theology Can Learn from the Social Sciences, Daniel K. Finn (ed.) (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017): 208-240.


Mary Hirschfeld works on the boundaries between theology and economics using an approach rooted in the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. She has written on economic inequality, the technocratic paradigm, the financial crisis and the common good.


241 Malloy 
(574) 631-7666