Gerald McKenny

Gerald McKenny

Walter Professor of Theology

Primary Field of Study: Moral Theology/Christian Ethics


Ph.D. University of Chicago 

Research and Training Interests

Natural and Revealed law, the Decalogue and Christian ethics

Selected Publications

Biotechnology, Human Nature and Christian Ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

The Analogy of Grace: Karl Barth’s Moral Theology. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.

To Relieve the Human Condition. SUNY Press, 1997.


McKenny teaches and writes on Christian ethics and the ethics of biotechnology. He is the author of To Relieve the Human Condition (SUNY Press, 1997), The Analogy of Grace: Karl Barth’s Moral Theology (Oxford University Press, 2010), and Biotechnology, Human Nature and Christian Ethics (Cambridge University Press, 2018) along with about fifty articles and book chapters in Christian ethics, biomedical ethics, the ethics of biotechnology, religious ethics, and the philosophy of medicine. He is co-editor of four books, including The Ethical (Blackwell, 2003), Altering Nature (two volumes) (Springer, 2008), and Darwin in the Twenty-first Century (Notre Dame, 2015). He is currently finishing a second book on Karl Barth's ethics and has begun work on a one-volume Christian ethics based on the Gospel story of the rich young ruler.



443 Malloy
(574) 631-4520