Gabriel Said Reynolds

Gabriel Said Reynolds

Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology
History of Christianity
World Religions and World Church


B.A. Columbia University

M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University

Recent Publications


2017. The Qurʾan and the Bible: Revised Qurʾan Translation of Ali Quli Qaraʾi annotated with Biblical Texts and Commentary by Gabriel Said Reynolds. Under contract with Yale University Press

2016. Co-Editor, contributor. The Qurʾan Seminar Commentary: A Collaborative Study of 50 Qurʾānic Passages. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016.

2012. The Emergence of Islam. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press. (Arabic translation in progress)
2011. Editor. New Perspectives on the Qurʾān: The Qurʾān in Its Historical Context 2. London: Routledge.
2010. The Qurʾān and Its Biblical Subtext. London: Routledge.
2010. Introduced, Translated, and Annotated. The Critique of Christian Origins: Qāḍī ʿAbd al-Jabbār’s (d. 415/1025) Islamic Essay on Christianity. Edited Samir Khalil Samir. Provo UT: BYU Pres.
2008. Editor. The Qurʾān in Its Historical Context.  London: Routledge.  Arabic translation: Al-Qurʾān fī muḥīṭihi al-tārīkhī. Trans. Saʿd Saʿdī and ʿAbd al-Masīḥ Saʿdī. Beirut: Dār al-Jamal, 2011.
2004. A Muslim Theologian in the Sectarian Milieu: ʿAbd al-Jabbār ab d aabdj;sand the ‘Critique of Christian Origins’.  Leiden: E.J. Brill.
Book Chapters:

“Sourates 4-6,” Le Coran des historiens (Paris, Le Cerf, forthcoming).

2016. “A Flawed Prophet? Noah in the Qurʾān and Qurʾānic Commentary,Islamic Studies Today: Essays in Honor of Andrew Rippin, ed. M. Daneshgar and W. Saleh (Leiden: Brill, 2016), 260-73.

2011. “On the Qurʾān’s Māʾida Passage and the Wanderings of the Israelites,” The Coming of the Comforter: When, Where, and to Whom? Studies on the Rise of Islam in Memory of John Wansbrough, ed. B. Lourié, C.A. Segovia, and A. Bausi (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias, 2011), 91-108.

2010. “Reading the Qurʾan as Homily: The Case of Sarah’s Laughter,” The Qurʾān in Context, ed. A. Neuwirth, N. Sinai, and M. Marx (Leiden: Brill, 2010), 585-92.

2008. “ʿAbd al-Jabbār,” The Islamic World, ed. A. Rippin (London: Routledge, 2008), 338-44.

2006. “Redeeming the Adam of the Qurʾān,” Arabische Christen – Christen in Arabien, ed. D. Kreikenbom, F.-Ch. Muth and J. Thielmann (Frankfurt: Lang, 2006), 71-83.

2005. “The Eschaton and Justice in the Thought of Mulla Sadra,” Proceedings of the Second World Congress on Transcendent Philosophy (Tehran, Iran: 2005).

2001. “A Philosophical Odyssey: Ghazzâlî’s Intentions of the Philosophers,” Medieval Philosophy and the Classical Tradition in Islam, Judaism and Christianity, ed. D. Thomas (Richmond: Curzon, 2001), 37-50.


2017. “Noah’s Lost Son in the Qurʾan,” Arabica 64 (2017), 1-20.

2017. “Gavin D’Costa, Vatican II, and Islam,” (solicited) Nova et Vetera 16 (2017), 291-99.

2014. “Islamic Studies in the North America, or Reflections on the Academic Study of the Qurʾan,” Islamochristiana 40, 55-73.

2014. “On the Presentation of Christianity in the Qurʾan and the Many Aspects of Qurʾanic Rhetoric,” al-Bayān 12: 42-54.
2013. “The Qurʾān and the Apostles of Jesus,” Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 76:1-19.
2012. “On the Qurʾan and the Theme of Jews as ‘Killers of the Prophets’,” al-Bayān 10: 9-34.
2011. “Le problème de la chronologie du Coran,” Arabica 58: 477-502.
2011. “Remembering Muḥammad,” (solicited) Numen 58: 188-206.
2010. “On the Qurʾānic Accusation of Scriptural Falsification (taḥrīf) and Christian anti-Jewish Polemic,” Journal of the American Oriental Society 130:, 1-14.


Gabriel Said Reynolds is Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology at Notre Dame.  His research is focused above all on the Qur'an and Muslim-Christian relations.  He wrote a dissertation on the remarkable Islamic history of Christianity of ʿAbd al-Jabbar (d. 1025); the dissertation won the Field Prize at Yale and was published (Brill 2004) as A Muslim Theologian in the Sectarian Milieu. Reynolds also prepared an introduction and translation of this history, published by (BYU 2008) as The Critique of Christian Origins.

At Notre Dame, Reynolds has organized two international conferences (2005, 2009) on the Qur'ān, and edited the acts of the conferences as The Qur'an in Its Historical Context (Routledge 2008) and New Perspectives on the Qur'an: The Qur'an in Its Historical Context 2 (Routledge 2011). In 2012-13 Prof. Reynolds directed, along with Mehdi Azaiez, “The Qurʾan Seminar” a year-long project with a team of 28 international scholars, which led to a collaborative commentary, The Qurʾan Seminar Commentary, published by De Gruyter. He is also the author of The Qurʾan and the Bible, a Biblically-minded commentary on the Qurʾān (Yale University Press, 2018).

Prof. is the author of The Qur'an and Its Biblical Subtext (Routledge 2010). He has also published The Emergence of Islam (Fortress, 2012), an introduction to the Qurʾan, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, or the classical period of Islam.  Currently, he is working on The Qurʾan and the Bible, a Biblically-minded commentary on the Qurʾān which will be published by Yale University Press in 2017. 

At Notre Dame Prof. Reynolds teaches classes including “Foundations of Theology,” “Islam and Christian Theology,” “The Quran and Its Relation to the Bible,” “The Holy Land,” and “Islamic Origins.”  For the year 2016-2017 Prof. Reynolds was a fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Nantes, France.  Prof. Reynolds has conducted research and delivered lectures in cities throughout the Middle East, including Cairo, Jerusalem, Beirut, Damascus, Ankara, and Tehran. In his spare time, he follows Notre Dame football, plays soccer, and watches science fiction movies. 



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