Cyril O'Regan

Cyril O'Regan

Endowed Professor
Huisking Professor of Theology
History of Christianity
Systematic Theology


B.A., 1974, and M.A., 1978, University College Dublin

M.A., 1983, M.Phil., 1984 and Ph.D., 1989, Yale University

Research and Teaching Interests

O'Regan specializes in systematic and historical theology. He has specific interests in the intersection of continental philosophy and theology, religion and literature, mystical theology, and postmodern thought. He has written The Heterodox Hegel, Gnostic Return in Modernity, and Gnostic Apocalypse: Jacob Boehme's Haunted Narrative. He has published numerous articles on such topics as the nature of tradition, negative theology, the sources of Hegel's thought and Hegel as a theological source, and on figures such as John Henry Newman and Hans Urs von Balthasar. O'Regan is currently working on books on Romanticism and Gnosticism and on Han Urs von Balthasar and postmodern thought.

Recent Publications


2014. Anatomy of Misremembering (1): Balthasar's Response to Philosophical Modernity. Vol. 1: Hegel. New York: Crossroad.

2009. Theology and the Spaces of the Apocalyptic. Milwaukee: Marquette University Press.

2002. Gnostic Apocalypse: Jacob Boehme's Haunted Narrative. Albany: SUNY Press.

2001. Gnostic Return in Modernity. Albany: SUNY Press.

1994. The Heterodox Hegel. Albany: SUNY Press.

Book Chapters:

2015. “The Impatience of Gnosis” in The Philosophy of William Desmond, ed. Ben Simson. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press.

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