Daniel Machiela

Daniel Machiela

Director of Doctoral Program
Associate Professor

Primary Field of Study: Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity


Ph.D. Notre Dame

Research and Training Interests

Ancient Judaism; early biblical interpretation; the Dead Sea Scrolls

Selected Publications

A Handbook of the Aramaic Scrolls from the Qumran Caves: Manuscripts, Language, and Scribal Practices. Studies in the Texts of the Desert of Judah 140. Leiden: Brill, 2022.

"The Genesis Apocryphon (1Q20, 3Q14 frg. 8)," in The Dead Sea Scrolls: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts with English Translations. Vol. 8A: The Genesis Apocryphon and Related Texts. Tübingen: J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 2018, 1-151.

“Was There a Revival of Hebrew during the Hasmonean Period? A Reassessment of the Evidence,” Journal of Ancient Judaism 12.2 (2021): 217–80 (with Robert Jones).

“Is the Testament of Qahat Part of the Visions of Amram? Material and Literary Considerations of 4Q542 and 4Q547,” Journal for the Study of Judaism 52.1 (2021): 27–38.

“The Compositional Setting and Implied Audience of Some Aramaic Texts from Qumran: A Working Hypothesis.” Pages 168-202 in Vision, Narrative, and Wisdom in the Aramaic Texts from Qumran: Essays from the Copenhagen Symposium, 14-15 August, 2017. Ed. M. Bundvad and K. Siegismund. STDJ 131. Leiden: Brill (2020), 168-202



Daniel Machiela teaches in the area of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, with core research interests in early biblical interpretation and ancient Jewish literature. His published work has focused mainly on the Dead Sea Scrolls, especially those written in Aramaic. Additional interests include Aramaic and Hebrew language, the Septuagint, and the New Testament within the wider scope of ancient Judaism. He is currently working on an introduction to the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls, with commentary projects on the Genesis Apocryphon and the book of Tobit on the more distant horizon. Before moving to Notre Dame in 2022, he taught for fourteen years at McMaster University.

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