Matthew Vale

Matthew Vale


B.A., Rice University

M.T.S., University of Notre Dame

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Area of Study

World Religions and World Church



Buddhist-Christian comparative theology, Christian systematic theology

Fields of Interest:

In comparative theology:
Indian and Tibetan Buddhism
The historical interaction of Buddhist and Hindu thought in India
Christian learning from Buddhist contemplative practice

In systematic theology:
God, creation, Christology, and eschatology; mimetic theory and theology.

Teaching Competencies:

Christian systematic theology, Buddhist-Christian dialogue, Mahayana Buddhist thought and practice.

Teaching Experience:

Instructor, "Buddhism and Christianity in Dialogue" (Boston College)
Instructor, "Christianity and Buddhism" (Notre Dame)


"Christian Vijñānavāda: Yogācāra, Nondual Cognition, and Christian Theology"

Director: Cyril O'Regan

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