The University of Notre Dame is one of the most important ecumenical centers in North America for advanced study in theology. Situated within a major Roman Catholic university, the program attracts men and women from all the major churches. Clergy, lay people and members of religious orders mingle in the classroom and share their theological perspectives. Those persons seeking a Ph.D. in preparation for careers in research, teaching, and church service are candidates for the doctoral program.

As a doctoral student at Notre Dame, you will be mentored by world-class scholars, access vast research and learning opportunities, and experience depth and diversity in curricula and communities. The doctoral program places a very high percentage of its graduates in academic positions, the vast majority of those in tenure-track positions.

The doctoral program offers six areas of concentration and two joint areas of concentration.

Areas of Concentration

Joint Programs/Area of Concentration

Distinctive Strengths

The Department of Theology has become the international locus for Latino theological studies and our ambitious program of globalization and diversification is increasing its connections to the Church in Africa—leading to a growing program of exchanges with African clergy and religious.

As part of a world-class research university, Notre Dame scholars and students enjoy the benefits of resources in other academic units across the university.

Apply Now

Visit the Graduate School's website to fill out the online application. Required components of the application include three letters of recommendation, a statement of intent, a CV or resume, unofficial transcripts, GRE scores, and an English proficiency examination (if applicable).  The application deadline to the Ph.D. Program is January 2.



If you have questions about our Ph.D. program, please contact Cheron Price the Graduate Studies Coordinator at 574-631-4254 or