Michael E. Connors C.S.C

Michael E. Connors C.S.C

Associate Professional Specialist
Associate Professional Specialist in Theology, Director of the John S. Marten Program in Homiletics
Liturgical Studies


B.A., Illinois College, 1977 [History and Political Science]

M.Div., University of Notre Dame, 1983

Th.D., Toronto School of Theology/Regis College/University of Toronto, 1997 [Pastoral Theology]

Research and Teaching Interests

Connors' scholarly interests include pastoral ministry, preaching, inculturation, Latino theology, and spirituality.  His book, Inculturated Pastoral Planning: The U.S. Hispanic Experience (Gregorian University Press, 2001), examines the U.S. bishops' 1986 document The National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry from the point of view of the theology of inculturation.

Recent Publications


Ed. 2017. What We Have Heard and Seen: Fostering Baptismal Witness in the World (papers from the 2015 Notre Dame preaching conference).  Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock/Pickwick Publications, forthcoming, 2017.

Ed. 2016. To All the World: Preaching and the New Evangelization. Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press.

Ed. 2014. We Preach Christ Crucified. Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press.

2001. Inculturated Pastoral Planning: The U.S. Hispanic Experience. Rome: Gregorian University Press. Vol. XXI of the series Inculturation: Intercultural and Interreligious Studies; Arij A. Roest Crollius, S.J., and Daniel Madigan, S.J., eds.

2016.  “Preaching Lent in the Year of Mercy.”  Church Life (February 2016).

2016. “Effective Catholic Preaching.”  Four-part series in Church Life (Sept. 2016-Jan. 2017).

2016. "Preaching as Worship: Progress and Ongoing Issues in Roman Catholicism," Church Life Journalhttp://churchlife.nd.edu/2016/07/11/preaching-as-worship/

2016. "Preaching at the Easter Fire," Church Life Journalhttp://churchlife.nd.edu/2016/03/31/preaching-at-the-easter-fire/

2016. "Preaching Lent in the Year of Mercy," Church Life Journal. http://churchlife.nd.edu/2016/02/18/preaching-lent/
2016. “O Lord, Make Us Interruptible," Church Life Journalhttp://churchlife.nd.edu/2016/02/12/o-lord-make-us-interruptible/
2005. “A Future for Initiation? Some Challenges on the Road Ahead.” Catechumenate 27:1 (January 2005) 2-17.
2002. With Mark L. Poorman. "A Case Study Method for Theological Reflection in Field Education." Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry 22 (2002): 131-46.




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