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Understanding World Christianity: Eastern Africa | Paul Kollman & Cynthia Toms Smedley

Author: Margaret McVeigh

Eastern Africa

Each volume of the Understanding World Christianity series analyzes the state of Christianity from six different angles. The focus is always Christianity, but it is approached in an interdisciplinary manner—chronological, denominational, sociopolitical, geographical, biographical, and theological. Short, engaging chapters help readers understand the complexity of Christianity in the region and broaden their understanding of the region itself. Readers will understand the interplay of Christianity and culture and will see how geography, borders, economics, and other factors influence Christian faith. Read More

An Introduction to the Scriptures of Israel | Tzvi Novick

Author: Margaret McVeigh

Scriptures Of Israel

In this textbook for Hebrew Bible courses, Tzvi Novick takes a thematic approach rather than a chronological one. Sorting the books according to their historical context, theological claims, and literary conventions, Novick explores the historical and intellectual development of the Hebrew Bible. Read More

Personhood in the Byzantine Christian Tradition: Early, Medieval, and Modern Perspectives | Edited by Alexis Torrance & Symeon Paschalidis

Author: Margaret McVeigh

Personhood In The Byzantine Christ

Bringing together international scholars from across a range of linked disciplines to examine the concept of the person in the Greek Christian East, Personhood in the Byzantine Christian Tradition stretches in its scope from the New Testament to contemporary debates surrounding personhood in Eastern Orthodoxy. Attention is paid to a number of pertinent areas that have not hitherto received the scholarly attention they deserve, such as Byzantine hymnography and iconology, the work of early miaphysite thinkers, as well as the relevance of late Byzantine figures to the discussion. Similarly, certain long-standing debates surrounding the question are revisited or reframed, whether regarding the concept of the person in Maximus the Confessor, or with contributions that bring patristic and modern Orthodox theology into dialogue with a variety of contemporary currents in philosophy, moral psychology, and political science.
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World Religions World Church new Master of Theological Studies program

Author: Margaret McVeigh

World Religions And World Church Banner

The Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame has launched a new area of concentration in its Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program: World Religions World Church (WRWC).  Applications for the two-year, full-time program will be due on January 15, 2019, for admission in August 2019. Read More

The Routledge Handbook of Early Christian Art | Edited by Robin Jensen & Mark Ellison

Author: Margaret McVeigh

Routledge Handbook

The Routledge Handbook of Early Christian Art surveys a broad spectrum of Christian art produced from the late second to the sixth centuries. The first part of the book opens with a general survey of the subject and then presents fifteen essays that discuss specific media of visual art—catacomb paintings, sculpture, mosaics, gold glass, gems, reliquaries, ceramics, icons, ivories, textiles, silver, and illuminated manuscripts. Each is written by a noted expert in the field. The second part of the book takes up themes relevant to the study of early Christian art. These seven chapters consider the ritual practices in decorated spaces, the emergence of images of Christ’s Passion and miracles, the functions of Christian secular portraits, the exemplary mosaics of Ravenna, the early modern history of Christian art and archaeology studies, and further reflection on this field called “early Christian art.” Each of the volume’s chapters includes photographs of many of the objects discussed, plus bibliographic notes and recommendations for further reading. Read More

An Apocalypse of Love: Essays in Honor of Cyril J. O'Regan

Author: Margaret McVeigh

Apocalypse Of Love

An Apocalypse of Love is a collection of essays on the many facets of Cyril O'Regan's work to date written by both prominent and rising scholars in the fields of philosophy and theology. Essay topics included in this volume range over his entire corpus, including appreciatively critical analyses of his early and current work on Hegel, rhetorical and pedagogical styles, spiritual theology, engagement with Hegel and Heidegger, von Balthasar and John of the Cross, kenosis, Eric Voegelin, his relation to post-moderns such as Lacan and Bataille, and poetry both published and unpublished.  Read More

In online course on the Quran, theology professor connects Notre Dame students with perspectives from around the world

Author: Katie Boruff

Gabriel Said Reynolds greets his students on the final day of his Introduction to the Quran course. He is in a small classroom on Notre Dame’s campus. His students are in Orlando, Colorado, Canada, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and beyond. Such arrangements are not uncommon in the world of massive open online courses (MOOCs), but this one is different. It breaks new ground in the online learning space by bringing students participating in the MOOC around the world together with undergraduate and graduate students that Reynolds teaches in a traditional course at Notre Dame. Read More

How seeing the Hesburgh Library's medieval manuscripts convinced a Notre Dame student to major in theology

Author: Carrie Gates

One visit to the Hesburgh Library’s medieval manuscripts collection, and Luke Donahue ’17 was hooked. “I saw them and thought, ‘This is it.’ This is what I want to study,” Donahue said. “I was intrigued that there are all these manuscripts from the Middle Ages that no one has researched, and I was determined — I wanted to help fill that intellectual gap.” While he initially planned to study physics, Donahue decided to major in theology and German and add a minor in medieval studies. Read More

Theology student wins Graduate School's Shaheen Award

Author: Nora Kenney

The Graduate School honored four graduating doctoral students with Shaheen Awards at its commencement ceremony — including two from the College of Arts and Letters. This year’s winners boast cutting-edge research accomplishments in their fields, as well as notable publication records, national recognition, talent for teaching and mentorship, and dedication to the community. Read More

Connections between Quran and Bible illuminated in new commentary

Author: Amanda Skofstad

Gabriel Said Reynolds — University of Notre Dame professor of Islamic studies and theology — shows in his newest publication, The Qur’an & the Bible: Text and Commentary, that the connections between the sacred texts of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism run deep. Read More

The Very Reverend Fr. Daniel Findikyan new Diocesan Primate

Author: Melody Kesler

The Very Reverend Fr. Daniel Findikyan elected as the new Diocesan Primate for the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. Fr. Findikyan was an adjunct professor for the Department of Theology teaching Eastern Liturgies from 2001 until 2015. Additional information on Fr. Findikyan's election can be found here. Read More

Margaret Pfeil chosen to receive the Rev. William A. Toohey, C.S.C. Award for Social Justice

Author: Melody Kesler

Margaret (Margie) Pfeil has been chosen to receive the Rev. William A. Toohey, C.S.C. Award for Social Justice. The award was established to honor the memory of a Holy Cross Priest who served as director of Campus Ministry. The Rev. William A. Toohey, C.S.C. Award for Social Justice is given to a member of the Notre Dame faculty who has dedicated himself or herself to teaching and research that emphasize the social justice dimension of the Gospel in an exemplary way. Dr. Pfeil will be recognized at the President's Dinner for faculty on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Read More

Todd Walatka chosen for Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Author: Melody Kesler

Todd Walatka has been chosen to receive one of the Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. The award established in 2007 honors faculty members who have had a profound influence on undergraduate students through sustained exemplary teaching at Notre Dame. Dr. Walatka will be recognized at the 2018 Commencement Exercises. Read More

1968 Olympian and humanitarian to kick off Staff Diversity Speaker Series

Author: Cidni Sanders

Carlos, who won bronze in the 200-meter sprint, stood on the Olympic podium that night in Mexico City, Mexico, with purpose in his heart. As the U.S. national anthem played, he bowed his head and thrust a gloved fist into the air.

Carlos will talk about life before and after his iconic protest during the inaugural Staff Diversity Speaker Series, presented by the Office of Human Resources and Eric Love, staff director of diversity and inclusion. All Notre Dame non-exempt and exempt staff are invited to attend. Read More

Why I study women religious

Author: Marie Marmo Mullaney

For the forthcoming spring issue of the American Catholic Studies Newsletter, Marie Mullaney (professor of history at Caldwell University) reflects on her research and teaching on American Catholic women religious. Read More

Liturgy Outside Liturgy | David W. Fagerberg

Author: Allison Collins

In 2017 David Fagerberg gave lectures in Sweden: three at the ecumenical center of Bjarka-Saby on Alexander Schmemann, two at the University of Lund on my own material. Those five lectures have been published simultaneously this month in Swedish and in English. Read More

Margot E. Fassler will give the presidential address at the Medieval Academy of America meeting

Author: Janet Rudasics

Margot E. Fassler, Director of SMND, will give the presidential address at the Medieval Academy of America meeting in Atlanta (March 2-4). The title of the presentation is “Women and Sequences,” and in this work Fassler tells the story of the genre in women’s institutions from the twelfth century, beginning with Heloise and Hildegard, through to the Dominicans of Soest in the fourteenth century, and ending with reformed houses of Dominicans and Franciscans in the fifteenth century. Read More