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Fall 2017 Online Courses

THEO 64110 Theology of Revelation: Jesus in Scripture and Tradition 
Anthony Pagliarini

God Speaks to us through the Word in Scripture and Tradition. This course intends (1) to provide a deeper knowledge of the Word as He conveys Himself through these two "Streams" of Revelation and (2) to give students the skills necessary to lead others (and themselves) in the ongoing task of theology -- of, that is, faith seeking understanding. In particular, we will study (1) the relation of natural knowledge and divine revelation; (2) the "streams" of revelation that are Scripture and Tradition; (3) the relation between these two and the means of interpreting them; and (4) the salient content of this revelation as it is communicated in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the first several centuries of the Catholic Tradition. 
This is a core course.

THEO 64410 Nuptial Mystery
Timothy O'Malley

Pope Francis in his Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, has addressed the need for a renewal of marriage formation. This course explores the nature of the sacrament of marriage with an eye toward the renewal of catechetical, liturgical, and pastoral formation around the sacrament of marriage. The course is organized in three parts: A Mystery to Be Believed, A Mystery to Be Celebrated, and A Mystery to Be Lived. Students will read major texts in the history of marriage and family (including magisterial documents), as well as contemporary works on sacramental theology dealing with the uniqueness of marriage as an ecclesial sacrament. The course will deal with major questions related to marriage today including family life and human sexuality in a liturgical key. This class is not a course in the study of Christian ethics but is instead a sacramental and pastoral course on marriage for pastoral leaders. 
This is an Elective Course.

Spring 2018 Core Course: Ecclesiology

Spring 2018 Elective: TBA 

Fall 2018 Online Courses 

Fall 2018 Core Course: Trinity & Christology

Fall 2018 Elective: TBA

Spring 2019 Core Course: Sacraments

Spring 2019 Elective: TBA

Fall 2019 Core Course: Introduction to Moral Theology

Fall 2019 Elective: TBA

Spring 2020 Core Course: Theology of Revelation: Jesus in Scrpture and Tradition

Spring 2020 Elective: TBA

(Elective on-line courses that will "Be Announced" as they are scheduled will include: Vices & Virtues, Catholic Social Teaching, Theology of Creation, Performing Beauty, Christian Spirituality, The Christian Tradition, Early & Medieval, and other topics arising from the expertise of our Faculty...)