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What Can You Do With a Degree in Theology?

Did you know that many of our majors plan to become doctors, lawyers, or investment bankers? They take advantage of their time at Notre Dame to study in its world-class Theology Department. After graduation, they continue on to medical school, law school, or business school just like their peers in the undergraduate colleges of science or business.

98% of recent Theology majors found full-time employment, enrolled in graduate school, entered service programs, joined the military, or launched independent projects within six months of graduation.

  • 31% find full-time jobs
  • 29% go to graduate or professional school
  • 36% enter service programs
  • 2% launch independent projects

Lives of Service

As he tried to convince the apostles to dedicate their lives to the Gospel, Jesus offered himself as an example, exclaiming, “The Son of man himself came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 11:45). 

Indeed many theology majors find inspiration through their study to perform remarkable works of service after graduation, whether as teachers through ACE, catechists or youth ministers through ECHO, or through Catholic and other organizations such as Holy Cross Associates, L'Arche, the Peace Corps, and Teach for America.

Yet our majors also take the transformational experience of a theology degree into the professional sector. Many of our majors go on to study law, business, medicine, or journalism and thereafter develop successful careers. Indeed, the Catholic tradition emphasizes that the Gospel should be lived out in every aspect of life and, accordingly, theology majors at Notre Dame are encouraged to pursue such careers. And they have done so with great success.

Many majors pursue graduate education in theology and become high school teachers of religion or theology or university professors of theology. Indeed, several have become professors of theology at Notre Dame! Still, other majors find their experience a perfect way to contemplate the religious life, and a number of majors have gone on to join religious orders or become ordained priests.

With a Notre Dame degree, our majors have an unlimited choice of careers before them at graduation. Moreover, with an experience in “faith seeking understanding,” our majors bring spiritual and intellectual illumination into any career they choose.

Sample Alumni Careers:

  • Medical School, Emory University
  • Technical Services Engineer, Epic Systems
  • Analyst, Charles Rivers Associates
  • Teacher/Graduate Student, Notre Dame’s ACE Program
  • Seminarian, Jesuit Province of New Orleans
  • Revenue Management Analyst, United Airlines
  • Law School, University of Utah
  • High School Theology Instructor, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Ph.D. student in Chemistry, Cornell University
  • Writer for covering the Pittsburgh Pirates

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