Kristen Drahos

Kristen Drahos

Systematic Theology
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B.A., magna cum laude, Philosophy & Theology, University of Notre Dame, 2009
M.T.S., Theology, University of Notre Dame, 2011
Ph.D., Theology, University of Notre Dame, 2016



Theological aesthetics

Fields of Interest:

Cruciform Theology and the Spaces of Negativity
Eschatology and Apocalyptic Theology
Uses and Abuses of Modern and Postmodern Philosophy
Theological Anthropology

Teaching Competencies:

The Christian Tradition: the Bible and Early Church
Trinitarian Theology: Early and Modern
Literature and Theology
Impact of Classical and Contemporary Philosophy on Christian Thought
Foundations of Christian Ethics
Modernity and the Question of God


“Dark Beauty: Toward a Catholic Theological Aesthetic”
Director: Cyril O’Regan