J. David Woodington

J. David Woodington

Biblical Studies/Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity
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B.A., Religious Studies and Philosophy (summa cum laude), University of Alabama, 2011
M.A., Religions of Western Antiquity, Florida State University, 2013



New Testament

Fields of Interest:

Literary Approaches to the Gospels
Doubt in Early Christianity
New Testament in its Greco-Roman Social Context
Empire and Persecution in the New Testament
Early Christian Apologetics and Identity Formation

Teaching Competencies:

New Testament
Early Christianity through the 5th Century C.E.
Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
Second Temple Judaism
Reading the Bible as Literature
Introduction to World Religions

Teaching Experience:

Foundations of Theology: Biblical/Historical
Introduction to the New Testament (Florida State University)


“Disbelieving Disciples: Doubt in the Post-Resurrection Scenes of the Four Gospels”
Director: Dr. John Fitzgerald