Taylor Nutter

Taylor Nutter

Email: tnutter1@nd.edu

Primary Field of Study: Systematic Theology

Research Interests

Research interest in St. Augustine, Bernard Lonergan, the relationship between theology and the natural sciences, and the methodological interaction between theology and philosophy.


B.A., University of Notre Dame (Philosophy and Theology)

M.T.S., Boston College,

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame


Born and raised in Southern California, Taylor Nutter completed his Ph.D. under the supervision of Cyril O'Regan on the topic of the modern ad postmodern distortion of St. Augustine's doctrine of the desire of the mind. He is also interested in the theological consequences of the conflation of human and artificial intelligence in contemporary discourse, as well as the role that theology can play in the development of ecological ethics.


"A Self Forgetful of Itself: Augustine and the Modern Oblivion of the Erotic Mind"

Director: Cyril O'Regan