Sarah Roumas

Sarah Roumas


Primary Field of Study: Liturgical Studies

Research Interests

Byzantine liturgy and hymnography and contemporary Orthodox liturgy, particularly liturgical biblical reception.


B.A., Harvard University (Physics)

M.T.S, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

Th.M., Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame


Sarah Roumas studies the development of Greek hymnography from its earliest beginnings till its modern-day use in Orthodox and Byzantine Rite churches. She focuses on the reception and retelling of Scripture in hymns and the consequent liturgical reception and transmission of biblical texts. Her dissertation studied the development of the Triodion, the book of Lent and Easter, from the tenth to fourteenth centuries, focusing on the feast of Lazarus Saturday. She is currently engaged in studying the kontakia of Romanos the Melodist and investigating the development of the Triodion in Athonite traditions.


Infernal Bodies: Lazarus Saturday in the Development of the Triodion