Amy Maxey

Amy  Maxey


Primary Field of Study: Systematic Theology
Secondary Field of Study: History of Christianity

Research Interests

Christian mysticism (patristic, medieval, early modern), feminist theology, 20th-century Catholic systematic theology, theological anthropology, theological epistemology, religious experience, spirituality


B.A., Duke University (Religious Studies)

M.T.S., University of Notre Dame (Systematic Theology)

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame (Systematic Theology)


Amy's research focuses on Christian mysticism, approaching this tradition from a systematic and feminist perspective. Attendant to the historical contexts of mystical authors, her constructive work develops theological resources within this heritage and addresses methodological concerns by seeking a rapprochement between theological, philosophical, and hermeneutical approaches to studying mysticism. Her systematic work is strengthened by a critical feminist perspective which both reclaims overlooked theological contributions from women mystical authors and applies feminist critical theory to interpret mystical texts and to analyze paradigms for conceptualizing mysticism. Her dissertation project offers a constructive account of Christian mysticism as a dynamism of eros by developing the work of historian Bernard McGinn in dialogue with feminist theologians Sarah Coakley and Catherine Keller. Her current project investigates the traditional language of action and contemplation in Christian mystical theologies in light of contemporary theological discourse of the “mystical-political,” contending that attending to critical feminist, race, and class consciousness enriches retrieval of these premodern spiritual traditions.


Erotic Entanglements with the Christian Mystical Tradition: A Heuristic Notion of Mysticism for Feminist Theology from Bernard McGinn, Sarah Coakley, and Catherine Keller

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