Kevin G. Grove, C.S.C.

Kevin G. Grove, C.S.C.

Assistant Professor
Systematic Theology


2015, Ph.D., University of Cambridge (Trinity College)

2009, M.Div., University of Notre Dame

2004, B.A. in History, English Literature, Seattle University

2004, B.A. in Philosophy, Seattle University 

Research and Teaching Interests

Kevin Grove’s research interests include the intersection of contemporary systematic theology and phenomenology with historical theology. His research includes memory, Christology, St. Augustine, and the theological writings of Basil Moreau. He is currently working on a monograph on Augustine, memory, and the Psalms.

Recent Publications


Basil Moreau: Essential Writings. Edited with Andrew Gawrych. Notre Dame: Ave Maria, 2014.

Articles and Chapters in Books:

 “Becoming True in the Purgatorio: Dante on Forgetting, Remembering, and Learning to Speak.” In Dante, Mercy, and the Beauty of the Human Person, eds. L. Delorenzo and V. Montemaggi.  Eugene: Wipf & Stock, forthcoming 2017.

“Christology, Ascent, and Augustine’s Idithun Enarrationes.” In Praedicatio Patrum: Studies on Preaching in Late Antique North Africa, edited by G.Partoens, A. Dupont, and S. Boodts. Turnhout: Brepols, forthcoming 2017.

 “A Pondering Heart: The Immaculate Conception and the Sorrowful Mother in the Theology of Basil Moreau.” In Marian Modalities in the Church, edited by J. Cavadini and D. Peters . Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, forthcoming 2017.

“The Word spoke in our words that we might speak in his: Augustine, Psalms, and the poetry of the Incarnate Word.” In Poetic Revelations: The Power of the Word, (29-42), edited by M. Burrows, J. Ward, and M. Grzegorzewska. London: Routledge, 2017.

“Desires, Counsels, and Christ: The Christology of Aquinas’ Treatment of the Evangelical Counsels.” Jaarboek: Thomas Instituut te Utrecht 35 (2016), 49-73.

“After Attributes: Christ as Mercy,” Eastern Journal of Dialogue and Culture 9:1 (2016), 90-106.

“When Christ Speaks in Us: Augustine, the Psalms, and Transfiguration.” In Approaching the Threshold of Mystery: Liturgical Words and Theological Spaces, edited by Joris Geldhof, 61-73. Theologie der Liturgie Series, Volume 10. Regensburg: Verlag Friedrich Pustet, 2015.

“Memory after the Confessions: Communal and Incarnational Memory in the Later Writings of Augustine.” In Monument and Memory, edited by J. Bornemark, M. Martinson, and J. Svenungsson, (201-210). Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2015.


Born and raised in rural Montana, Kevin Grove was ordained a Holy Cross priest at Notre Dame in 2010. He served in two Michiana parishes before doctoral studies in Cambridge, England. Before joining the faculty at Notre Dame, Grove was a post-doctoral researcher at L’Institut Catholique in Paris, France, and then a research fellow at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study. In addition to his faculty work, Grove serves pastorally as a resident of Dunne Hall at Notre Dame.


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