Yongho Francis Lee, OFM

Yongho Francis Lee, OFM


B.S., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 1996
Master of Science, Seoul National University, 2000
Bachelor of Theology, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea, 2007
3 Semesters in Graduate School of Theology, The Catholic University of Korea, 2007-8
Part-time student, Washington Theological Union, Washington D.C., Spring 2009
STL, Systematic Theology (Comparative Theology focus), Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, 2011

Area of Study

World Religions and World Church



Comparative Theology between Christianity and Buddhism

Fields of Interest:

Tension between kataphasis and apophasis
Franciscan Studies: Spirituality, Theology, History, and Mission
Inter-connection between the Catholic missions in America and Asia
Visualization of Theological and Spiritual themes
Suffering, Compassion, and Solidarity

Teaching Competencies:

Medieval Franciscan Studies
Franciscan Mission
Christian Mysticism
World Religions
East Asian Buddhism
Comparative Theology


“Bonaventure and Chinul: Christian and Buddhist Models for Integration of the Intellectual and Spiritual Life”
Director: Robert M. Gimello

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