Warren Campbell

Warren  Campbell


B.A., Carleton University 2011

M.A.R., Westminster Theological Seminary 2015

Th.M., Wycliffe College, University of Toronto 2017


Area of Study

Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity



New Testament

Fields of Interest:

Languages and literature of Judaism and Christianity from 300 BCE – 250 CE

Paul and the Reception of Paul

The Gospel of Matthew 

Christianity in the Second Century 

Alexandria and Early Christian Philology 

Jewish Texts in Christian Manuscripts.

Teaching Competencies:

Ancient Judaism, New Testament, Early Christianity (2nd-3rd c.)

Recent Publications:

“The Residue of Matthean Polemics in the Ascension of Isaiah.” New Testament Studies 66.3 (2020): 454–470.

“Inverted-Hybridities: Reactions to Imperialism in Select Pseudepigraphic Ezra Materials.” Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 27.3 (2018): 205–234.

“Consonance and Communal Membership: Examining the Structure of Did. 1–7 in Light of Qumran Induction and Rabbinic Proselytism.” Vigiliae christianae 71.5 (2017): 469–494.



"Imagining a Jewish Apostle: The Invention and Effect of Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews"

Director: David Lincicum

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