Kristin Palacios

Kristin Palacios


B.S., Physics, Calvin College, 2004
M.Div., Calvin Theological Seminary, 2010
Master of Theology, Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature, Calvin Theological Seminary, 2011

Area of Study

Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity




Fields of Interest:

Composition of the Pentateuch
Theology of Election and Rejection in Genesis and in the Biblical Corpus
Ancient Near Eastern Languages, Literature, and History
Romans 9–11 in the History of Interpretation

Teaching Competencies:

Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek; Ugaritic; Akkadian
Old Testament Narrative Literature
Introduction to the Old Testament
Introduction to the New Testament

Teaching Experience:

Biblical Hebrew I and II (Western Theological Seminary; Holland, MI)
Narrative Literature of the Old Testament (Calvin Theological Seminary; Grand Rapids, MI)
Introduction to the Old Testament (University of Notre Dame)
Biblical Aramaic (Calvin Theological Seminary; Grand Rapids, MI


"The Jacob Cycle (Genesis 25–36): Neo-Babylonian Evidence for Its Composition and Its Theological-Political Meaning"
Directors: Gary A. Anderson and Gary N. Knoppers

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