J. Columcille Dever

J. Columcille Dever


B.A., Philosophy and Classics, University of Notre Dame, 2011

M.T.S., Duke Divinity School, 2015

Area of Study

History of Christianity



Early Christianity

Fields of Interest:

Late Roman Culture and Society

Christianity in Roman Africa

Patristic Exegesis (Latin, Greek, Syriac)

Augustine and Augustinianism

Medieval Theology (Pre-Scholastic and Scholastic)

Rhetoric and Literary Theory

(Linguistic) Phenomenology

Teaching Compentencies:

History of Christianity (Early and Medieval)

Christianity and Classical Culture

Christianity in Roman Africa

Patristic (and Medieval) Exegesis

The Body in Early Christianity

Teaching Experience:

Foundations of Christian Theology, Instructor of Record, Fall 2020

Introduction to Early Christianity, Fall 2017 and Fall 2018





"The God of Israel: A Theological Reading of Tertullian of Carthage's Adversus Marcionem"

Director: John Cavadini

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