Gilbert Stockson

Gilbert Stockson


B.A., History and Economics, magna cum laude, University of Pennsylvania, 2002

M.T.S., History of Christianity, University of Notre Dame, 2009

Area of Study

History of Christianity




High and Late Medieval Scholastic Theology


Fields of Interest:


Theology of Thomas Aquinas

Franciscan theology: John Duns Scotus and William of Ockham

Reception of Medieval theology in the Reformation

Love and the Christian journey to God (love of God, neighbor, and self)


Teaching Competencies:


Medieval theology, both scholastic and spiritual

Reformations, both Protestant and Catholic

Divine-human interaction (providence, predestination, prayer, grace, merit)



Twentieth-century theology


Teaching Experience:


Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical
The Religious Quest, Wheeling Jesuit University


"Charity, Reward, and “Mercenary” Intent in Thomas Aquinas and Gabriel Biel"

Director: Joseph Wawrykow

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